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mmm beef madras
last night was too much fun. despite me being tired and cranky i had a blast and haven't laughed so hard in such a long time! well, since friday night at the arnott's. i laughed a lot then. we started the night at spicy greens which NEVER fails. it can be a long wait, but we pre ordered and it was so awesome. food came one thing after another and it was SO delicious. so yummy. and spicy. yes. then we headed to the 5th ave bowlarama with a quick sorting out the babysitter stop and the bowling alley was incredible. THREE FLOORS of lanes. two floors of regular lanes (main and upper floor) and rock'n'roll cosmic bowling in the basement. there were a number of birthday parties happening as well as a HUGE stagette that went straight to the cosmic. beers were cheap and if you had your own shoes games were ridiculously cheap. ($2.50). i was quite impressed.

i slept in this morning (yes) and am not looking forward to all of the cleaning. i already cleaned the fan in the bathroom so that leaves folding all the laundry which i hate the most, dishes, sweeping bathroom and kitchn, cleaning bathroom, and vacuuming. guh. i'm hungry. maybe i can get stewart out of bed and we can go to the camelot. yum.

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