i can't believe i'm about to go outside...

blizzard warning in effect
this is a shot of our bathroom window. we live in a basement suite and even though it snowed a lot last year it never began to cover our windows. and lo and behold, here we are. we're heading out to the movie theatre to watch the curious case of benjamin button. the new fitzgerald adaptation. kinda excited. i haven't read that story in quite a while, but i remember loving it. so that means that i need clothes to ward off the snow because it's not cold out. just snowy. i finished my mitts and would post a picture but they're in the dryer just getting the last bit of snow off them before we go outside again. bring on the week, i say!! xo

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Melissa said...

Lovely photo. I miss snow! Maybe I'll seem some here in Tennessee this winter. Unlikely.

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