today was monumentally shitty. coupled with not taking a lunch, only eating [homemade] cookies and a power-shake, and being underslept (i hate winter right now) my work day was pretty challenging (ie. scheming ways to get old men from grooming youth who access our centre, dealing with people on drugs, and people yelling at me >> FUN!!!). and to top that off i felt like i got nothing accomplished at work. so i've started to make mini-lists of things i accomplish in a day, which will esp. help at reporting time. my next stop is to get my office more sorted and to get two smaller desks in there, primarily so i don't have to sit at my monstrous desk anymore. it's a bit oppressive it's so big, and low.

thanks to lovely friends who called to check in on the shittiness i'm feeling a lot better, so much better in fact that i broke down and agreed to rent tropic thunder. the peeps at the video store know my name. hm. what was i saying about missing summer? teeth was there, but i was more in the mood for an oscar nominated parody. and fluff, really, so i could finish this blasted alligator scarf. yes.

i miss working out while my tattoo heals too! i think that if i could go to the gym and work up a big sweat rather than suck on my pepsi slurpee and lay on the couch things might be a lot better. anyway, off i go, to kill this alligator once and for all. xo

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becka said...

Sorry that your day was sucky! I can't wait to see the finished scarf though!