it's just a string of values

at this moment i'm trying to help finethankyou sort the fuck out of his ichat so he can have internet love with his mans while i simultaneously fantasize about knitting this hat rather than stewart's scarf. i'm elated that i'm finally getting the hang of stewart's scarf and cannot wait for it to be off my plate, around his cute little neck, and energy then put into socks or my thesis. ha.

this week has been interesting so far. i can feel that it's almost over yet it's also only tuesday. there's a bunch of youth-drama happening and it's sapping all of my energy dealing with police and families and stuff. it's days like this that i think, i just need to pull through. and to boot my throat is getting sore. so i skipped the gym and missed the pool tonight.

tomorrow night is cimo night, visiting with the ladies, and knitty with a possible appearance from the wonderful Jessica Yee. it'll be a good cap to my tremendously stressful tomorrow. i might just wear my red anarchy polyesther blazer to deal with it.

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chelseacreature said...

crazy! i just started on that hat last night! although i have so many other things i'm supposed to be working on first, so i don't know when i'll ever finish it!