i'll go right on pretending i've got nothing to regret

mmm, monte cristo
mm, lunch at the camelot. whether i go with stewart or with cheetah slayworth i try to get there every two weeks or so. when i go in the morning i often get eggs benedict or the denver omelet (one or the other is usually a daily special) and when we go at lunch time i ALWAYS get the monte cristo. i guess being a vegetarian for 365 days is out of the question. and i'm sure the brown gravy can attest to that.

tring to get it all in one shot, but that'll never happen
a front shot, but there's more pictures on my flickr here, here, and here.

off to snb!! xo


Melissa said...

Yay your tattoo is done!
It's so gorgeous. I still want to get one.

I need to update what tasks I've completed. Maybe I will tonight.

REread said...

oh cool ... very groovy tatt