come here close and you will see.

i'm so tired. it's nine pm and i'm going to climb into a shower and straight to bed and read my new nylon! xtina on the cover? CRAZY! i wanted to share this message sent to me and the link! so fun! oh, and today i saw m'girl perform! so great!

hey you all, i just wanted to send along a video of a performance art
piece i was in just recently for the Art Matters festival. every year
one of my friends has done something totally weird and awesome (ie. a
bunch of people in yedi costumes playing wierd music inside an igloo;
a musical set inside a vagina in which lizz was a singing, tapdancing
bacteria; etc.) this year it was olivia pojars mountain costumes that
got alli inspired to choreograph and dance this piece all about
mountains. its really hilarious and was so much fun to be apart of.


This still needs some fixin up and the pop ups might need some toneing
down but here is Alli's latest bit of rad.


maybe this coffee was a bad idea, maybe this might now work out for me?

chubs!i am so angry! yesterday the fucking cbc (who i love by the way) posted this story. turns out 25% of kids in Canada are fat and will live shorter lives than their parents! this story is based on a house of commons report on the status of fat kids in canada! (note: i'm using fat because i think the terms "overweight" and "obese" are too nice and detract from the fact that this is a bunch of fucking fat fear!!). the report goes on to say that 55% of aboriginal kids on reserves are fat! because they eat processed food! not because maybe the communities are living fucking third world standards and are more worried about food security and surviving the residential schools let alone fatness!! grrr! i'm so angry!

the report also says that three actions need to be taken:
"* Start a comprehensive public awareness campaign." (ie. "hey you! you're fat and we hate you!")
"* Mandate standardized labels on the front of packages." (ie. "hey you! this food you're about to be putting in your body will make you fat or fatter and everyone will either hate you or hate you more because you supposedly are draining the medical fund!! fuck you fatty!!! we don't think you have feelings!!")
"* Remove trans fats from the Canadian diet and replace them with an alternative low in saturated fat." (ie. "hey you! didn't you know that trans fats are the only thing that make you fat!? that means that the only reason you're obese you fatty is because you eat shitty! not because you grew up fat, or because you don't have the financial opportunity to have access to the food you need to be health! nor is it because you eat a lot of fast food because you spend all your time at work trying to live the wonderful american dream with your suv and your dvd player and your juicy suits. no no no, i'm only telling you you're fat, not creating the culture that is keeping you fat, no no no!")

did you know that there is also an international obesity taskforce!? mother fuckers! this fat fear and war on obesity is another thing to distract us from what's really going on in the world! it is totally a master plan of patriarchy, colonialism, and fucking global white domination!!! grrrr!!!!

so, i found the chubsters!! and they're amazing! i want to be a chubster! bring on my donut fist. don't fucking fight against fat in my neighbourhood! aren't our problems a little more than some fucking trans fats? grrrrrrr!!!!!


with her shifting all is one, i remember you're alone once more...

i ganked this picture from a friend's buzznet site. his photos are maturing with his time in nihon and i think you should all look at them. this one is particularly impressive. he's also travelling more than he did when i lived there, which is also exciting. seeing the south! yay! i'm home sick today. i tried to go to my new job again (i've been sick for the last three weeks and they're not letting me work!! i'm SO not used to being told to go home when sick!) and returned home to bed. i did dishes, and some laundry and slept for a few hours (yay for naps!) and i'm still feeling really drained. a coworker called from my current job (three.more.days!!!) and things are just CRAZY, so i'm going to go in tomorrow and get some stuff done because it's just nuts right now. i'm really excited to be having free time soon. i'll be making less, sure, but i'll just have to live less. that's the whole point. spend less, work less. well, and i'll begin contracting. that would be nice. off to read and learn c.s.s.!! xoxo.


Some of us are becoming the men we wanted to marry. ~Gloria Steinem

the lines we drew
today was the UNBC grad conference, we did our presentation, it went well, i think. i was so tired that i came home and went directly to sleep and asked stewart to wake me up. turns out that when he tried to wake me up i was a total asshole and he was angry. rightfully so. but, i was SO tired. we watched a bit of fast food nation (not while eating fast food, though that would be a cliche in irony). tomorrow is turn off your computer day or something, shutdownday. and my computer will not be on for 24 hours after i shut it down tonight. freeeeedom!!!!!
and, the keynote speaker at the grad conference was AMAZING! his new book is cinematic howling and will be very awesome. he spoke of the importance of using story in research because our brains our language brains and the science of research tends to leave the stories out. so tell your stories!!!

check out the site for our new presentation

we don't need a utopia for this to happen: using art and lifestyle to create systemic change.

come see us in action! friday, march 23, 2007 in UNBC's Bentley Centre at 2:00pm!

i made organic cookies!!! xoxoxoxo


the lookalikes vol. 3 playlist

tuesdays 7-8pm, broadcast on cfur, 88.7FM or online

stay don't go - spoon
rhumba - young people
my family's role in the revolution - beirut
young folks - peter bjorn and john
close to me - the cure
over and over - hot chip
in one ear and out the other - fujiya and miyagi
daft punk is playing at my house - lcd soundsystem
the perfect crime - the decemberists
you're speaking my language - juliette and the licks
52 girls - B-52s
rise - you say party! we say die!
madame ray - the long blondes


bones bones brittle little bones

i just bought this! it's the cutest, most awesome button in the planet made by the dustbin. i love it!

other than that, i'm tired, super overwhelmed, battling the worst cold ever, and the dryest nose from blowing it all the time. i need to go. big news coming soon, but need to let more people close to us know before i go blabbing on the internet. and hey you, yeah you, the one who knows! keep quiet! xoxo!


voiceless in victoria, exhausted in esquimalt, feverish in fernwood, complaining on cook, drained on douglas, gong-show on government

stewboti go out of town for what, five days, and i can't bear it. i've been in victoria and have loved a few things like, oh the sakura! can you believe it!? i'm worried it'll be so cold when i get home to p.g. tonight my car won't start at the airport (and then i'll have to take an expensive taxi!) and here there's frickin' sakura! other good things have been seeing p.hayes, hanging with my sister, eating at rebar, and going to lush. it's been great in that respect! my grandparents even celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary last night (to much fuss, but dealt with), and i slept very little, wrote a shitty little paper, got some people interested in gender studies, told people what third wave feminism was (people still don't know!!!), and feel like there's a long knife in my throat! it sucks! also, the problem with family is that they reconfirm for me that i'm fat (not my sister, thank god! she see's their obese oppression and combats it, it just makes me tired and upset). and that i've gained a tonne of weight (well, not that much, i'm exaggerating! but tyra is not fat and people have said she is!) and i'm getting more depressed about it than anything. but that, right now, is based on five hours of sleep, needing a show, a clenched jaw from all the stress, ouch, a want for something to make the troat pain go away, and a want for my being with my man!! it's so hard! five days! i'm missing already! baaaaaaaaaah


fake feminist police force is really bumming me out

000_1490this is rupert. rupert chan is the cutest cat ever. whenever i knit, whenever i weave, whenever i'm washing dishes he's always playing with something: my pant leg, the yarn, the knitting needles. he sits on the photobox in the window and guards the house, or at least makes sure we know when ppl are coming..........i just had a mini-breakdown. crying about how i'm really overwhelmed. and we're poor. but it'll all work out in the end. i just don't have enough time to be on top of everything. but, really: do we all always have to be on top of everything? i'm tired of playing this capitalist western game. i want to move slower. from my root chakra, from my spiritual centre. im a human being! not a human doing! i have to remember that!! today in class we held an open circle on the highway of tears and it was hard. i was feeling quite emotional about it and cried a bit and felt, again, overwhelmed by it. my piece of action from that meeting, though, is making dinner for the highway of tears coordinator: she needs to be taken care of too. i'm gone to victoria for a few mighty days and will be back sooooon!!!! p.s. the lookalikes are now on radio. tuesday nights on CFUR! xoxo p.s. artificia has got a brand new bag!


seven, seven, seven days since i've been home...

last night a dear took stewart and i to a movie! we went to cinema cnc and saw Volver! my first pedro almodovar flick, and the first penelope cruz film i saw and didn't hate her! yay! i spent all morning reading and writing and actually slept in and my assignment was late: on purpose! taking care of myself this morning was very important. i have some more writing to do this evening, about three medium-sized assignments: pout! all i want to do is watch the o.c., yes that's all i do. i wanted to share my assignments with you. i have a few more left this semester, but i hope that you like them, or at least you read them and you begin to build your own feminist standpoints and points of entry into a politically and socially critical world. pardon my spelling and grammar, not my strong suit. xoxo

feminist rubric: race and class
feminist rubric: standpoint epistemologies
feminist rubric: pornography and sexuality


cafe voltairei'm feeling really low today. ups and downs. i'm super overwhelmed, which is not fun, and have officially decided and told that i'm not renewing my contract and have nothing lined up for April 2nd. the one job i feel like i was made to believe i would have in the bag i didn't get an interview for, well, not yet anyway. and then a coworker and dear friend also submitted her resume for the same job and got an interview, and i told her about the job. so, it kinda sucks, and it's just the way things are i guess. i'm doing these readings and to write this scholarly review on feminist standpoint but i don't know really where to start. i could be low on energy (spent a lot of my time in thriftstores today=good, but also "urban planet" and "warehouse one" which made me feel oversized, fat and ugly--nothing there fits me!!!!!!!). but a dear friend of mine bought these shoes and is sending them to me!! yay! i'm very excited to rock them. this summer seems the summer of keds! could be f.u.n.! okay, now i need to be serious, juice myself some carrot-orange-ginger juice and get a-reading! eeps. not enough time, not enough time.


it gets you down, it gets you down, there's no spark, no light in the dark

thriftcrawlmy paycheck has completely disappeared. I've had it for, oh, about 10 hours and it's just gone. i had to put a mass on my credit card to prepay for a renta-car for a work conference this week, and they'll reimburse me, and rent, and, god, what else. this is what i've spent my money on this week: bus pass, lunch at north 54, dinner at cimo, tons on groceries from ava maria (yay for juicing carrots and organic coffee, but really, i can for sure live with another week of tuna sandwiches, eggs, and more tuna sandwiches). i'm not good at being poor. i was so poor for so long and then i had access to more money than i ever had (which still hasn't been a lot, i mean, our car is definitely a parts car and we have a tight tight spending week) and it's hard to go back to being super poor again. i would not know what i would do if i was paying my student loans, and i have to find 1500cdn for tuition for may. hey, this must be boring, talking about my money, my financial woes (yay for haikus!!) xoxo
p.s. don't forget to check out the pgcraft event this weekend at PG Craft Collective!