standing in the way of control we'll live our lives....

i feel like today is one of those days that i've let get away from me. it's almost 5pm and seth hasn't had his afternoon nap (and not because we didn't try, blaaaaaah!). i also haven't really started dinner (i precooked the beans) and the laundry's piled up. i did get a load of dishes going, go out for sushi with seth, and move some plants/clean the living room window. so i compensate with pictures as sethmeister is finally getting whiny enough for sleep and maybe he'll actually go to sleep this time.
malabrigo worsted
i got my malabrigo in the mail from eat.sleep.knit finally! i'm going to use them to make three versions of the shawl i designed for the final pattern pictures, etc. probably will be released in the summer, just in time for it's intended season of wear.

right now he's clinging onto my tights whining to go to bed. finally! it's taken about 3 hours to get to this point. bleck.
this turned out blurry! i took 8,000 pictures trying to get a good one of my new hair and my new scarf from Amanda which she got at Preloved in montreal> SO HIP IT HURTS. but alas the photo sucks for both.

okay, that baby has wandered off and i think i need a nap too. looks like we'll be having cheese squares and cheerios for dinner (well not me b/c i'm not really eating dairy right now).


the past few days...

have been jam packed and awesome because my sister is here! yay! we've watched scott pilgrim (again, yes) and hung out with sethmeister and gone swimming and cooked and crafted a lot. tomorrow i'm going to get her to pose with her embroideries that she's done and maybe get her to pose for a new knitting pattern that i'll hopefully launch tomorrow on HOME SWEET HOME. i've also been trying to cut down on my internet use, but all the cooking/hanging means i'm still behind on chores (oh laundry!) and am just exhausted. so to bed/reading i go!

double stripes!
double stripes!!!! i will be giving away one of these jersey scarfs at home sweet home sometime this week! (and telling you how to make your own!)
pink hair
the last picture of my pink hair before i dyed it brown. and i love it brown! now, to cut it better!!
custom sewn belt for HOME SWEET HOME
custom belt tutorial over at home sweet home! check it out!


"make no mistake"

i can't believe it's almost 7pm on Sunday! I'm heading to pick Stew-dog up from work in about 5 minutes and we're going to sit down and eat the wonderful above (with miso soup!) and probably watch a movie (Going the Distance?), cuddle with helvetica, and eat the last of my brown rice ice cream. YUMs. rainy days are awesome.

this weekend went by pretty fast. my cold cleared up. i've been knitting non-stop. our house was/is still a disaster (I think we're settling into life with a child really well as stewart doesn't make as much of a mess as he could and i just deal with the disaster). the earthquake in japan has struck a chord with me much more than the one in christchurch. on thursday night on twitter about 20 minutes after the quake someone in my list tweet'd about it. and then i checked it out and news hadn't really begun to roll in. i emailed a friend who lives back in akayu and she said it was crazy and so huge and she was OK. this was all before the nuclear reactor and the whole tsunami aftermath started to show up on the news. i had been to sendai a few times and it's just crazy to think of that whole portion of the east coast devestated. i'm so curious to know what we would do if that happened here and also very aware of how underprepared we are/i am.

totally unrelated:

stewart made me a girl power cd a month or so ago and it had super wild horses on it. i'm kind of in love with them. and want their hair.


sick day

sick day
i find sick days hard to handle: what? do NOTHING? ha! and my sick days are never days full of nothing, but they are scaled back. and i still feel like poop. today my "sick day" included finding out i got a full-time four year job here in port alberni ! WOO! while it's not with the provincial government i'll chalk it up to almost the same as it pays more than a job in "women's" work would pay (though not by much), is a "big job", and is important to myself and my community: SCORE! on top of that i got just over 2 hours of work done on my other job (though not enough, i just didn't have it in me), and worked on a custom craft tutorial for HOME SWEET HOME. which'll be posted next week. today it was also decided that our toronto trip isn't going to happen, and my portland trip may or may not happen, BUT girl is most likely coming to visit this summer, and a few days with the family in vancouver is in the cards. yes! i'll also have to get my hair back to normal and am on the hunt for a hip, sexy haircut (in brown). ok, off to get seth and then stewart is making us quesadillas for dinner. OH! and i'm off dairy, except for our friday night pizzas: let's give this one another try! XO

PS happy international women's day! read this, and this.


"and the leg bone is connected to the one in the thigh"

seth and i spent a whirlwind 24 hours between here and victoria and got to see my sis and my papa. it was good times though i was sick as a dog and so cranky, exhausted, and impatient. i was also sad/pissed that i had no money to buy yarn or seeds b/c my work forgot to print me a paycheck. thanks guys!
since christmas i've had ups and downs of being motivated and not being motivated/in a slump/depressed. i blame a mix of working more/at all and just a general malaise, but it has felt exacerbated these past two weeks and then getting sick (we were all sick) just sunk the ship on that one. i'm going to make more lists. start getting excited about more projects. and just doing more things. seth is slowly starting to sleep better and having even one night away from stewart made me not want to get rid of him so quick (oh marriage!) and it's been nice and cuddly and just chill. i'm denying my expectations of myself re: the state of our house and only doing what is necessary. i'm also working at putting the computer down. so this ends here as i'll put the computer down and knit and watch the goonies listen to my audiobook and go to sleeeep! XO


#15: be the letter of the day on Q

Go here. Listen to March 4th's episode around 27:10 and you'll hear my email read out (even though jian butchers my name a little). It wasn't the "letter of the day" but I count it b/c I didn't realize how hard it was to get my letter on the show at all! YIP!

This is excellent news and inspiring b/c i'm having a pooopy day.


i just found this in an old email signature of mine...

My website from Japan!
i had this blog and that angelfire and some other site. i can't even remember what it was called. ahaha. and friendster. life before facebook. the site was last updated before i quit my job and became a couch surfer and backed out of the art show i was so excited about in anacortes. alas.
meat stallkimono shopconvience markettrainryu shanghai ramen shopthe magical carparkDSCF2231



Home Sweet Home
Home Sweet Home
Home Sweet Home
A project that I've been working on with Laura for the past six months is finally coming to fruition: Home Sweet Home!
Home Sweet Home is a DIY, craft, how-to blog that is centred around the idea of Home. Home in your kitchen. Home in your craft. and Home in your community! We'll be featuring house tours and interviews with our favourite bloggers, crafters, cooks, and sewers, as well as recipes, DIYs, essays, etc.

Add us to your blogroll and keep in touch!

Also, most ohsweetie Home Sweet Home content will get moved over to HSH, thus returning ohsweetie back to it's self-obsessed narcissistic beginnings. Let the pining begin bitchez.