"make no mistake"

i can't believe it's almost 7pm on Sunday! I'm heading to pick Stew-dog up from work in about 5 minutes and we're going to sit down and eat the wonderful above (with miso soup!) and probably watch a movie (Going the Distance?), cuddle with helvetica, and eat the last of my brown rice ice cream. YUMs. rainy days are awesome.

this weekend went by pretty fast. my cold cleared up. i've been knitting non-stop. our house was/is still a disaster (I think we're settling into life with a child really well as stewart doesn't make as much of a mess as he could and i just deal with the disaster). the earthquake in japan has struck a chord with me much more than the one in christchurch. on thursday night on twitter about 20 minutes after the quake someone in my list tweet'd about it. and then i checked it out and news hadn't really begun to roll in. i emailed a friend who lives back in akayu and she said it was crazy and so huge and she was OK. this was all before the nuclear reactor and the whole tsunami aftermath started to show up on the news. i had been to sendai a few times and it's just crazy to think of that whole portion of the east coast devestated. i'm so curious to know what we would do if that happened here and also very aware of how underprepared we are/i am.

totally unrelated:

stewart made me a girl power cd a month or so ago and it had super wild horses on it. i'm kind of in love with them. and want their hair.

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