"I know very little about acting. I'm just an incredibly gifted faker."

stewart just threw in iron man. i'm super duperly not interested in watching it but will knit and glance up to view the hottest man around, almost, robert downey jr. is it bad that i have an "he's my boyfriend!" crush on him. jenni poo enlightened me to the boyfriend syndrome. as in, "downey's my boyfriend". so, my current list of boyfriends includes not only the aforementioned but also johnny whitney and ed westwick. guh.

i hear downey's voice on the television so i got to run. i have some orders to knit too! yay! xo


a dance party for the worldy and socially conscious

pan de sal

so many things i want to say about LV. but need to sleep before my work week. so i will just plug PAN DE SAL. an incredible ghettotech band from vegas that just rocked my sock, politics, and heart off.

they gave me hope for the us.


YUM! pumpkin scones

I just made these.

They're cooling with icing on the stove. My ingredients list looks like this:

* 1/2 cup brown sugar
* 3 1/2 cups flour (1 cup kamut, 3/4 cup all purpose, 1 3/4 cups whole wheat)
* 2 tsp baking powder
* 1/2 tsp baking soda
* 3 tsp ginger powder 2 inches of ginger root, grated
* 1/2 3/4 cup vegan margarine mmmmmm earth balance!!
* 2 cups pureed pumpkin errr, one med-sized can of pumpkin puree

Then I made icing with around 1/4 cup of earth balance, a table spoon of vanilla, 2 cups of icing sugar and soy milk to thin.

No food porn pictures today!


FO: Mitered Mitts!

mitered mitts

I never thought this would ever look like a knitting blog, but here goes nothing!

These are my Mitered Mitts by Elizabeth Zimmerman (the pattern can be found in The Knitter's Almanac, which I borrowed from the Library). I used a knittydirtygirl yarn (because she's my favourite), Robin Egg. I ended up buying two skeins but used 1 skein in 1.5 mittens! so I only used 1/4 ish of the second skein. this is good for me because i have another use for it (in part of a sweater with other yarns from chelsea creature), but it's kind of expensive if you're only going to throw down for the mitts. but that would be silly. i mean, the yarn is so great you'll find another use!

Lastly, I cast on 40 sts and worked the pattern as called for minus the thumb. I only unstitched 4 stitches on each side of the cut (8) and then picked up 2 stitches on each side in the gap so that i was working 12 sts in the round. I c/o by k2tog the whole way around x 2. then wove in all the ends. i'm deciding if i want to felt


mail day: not yet christmas addition

craft room organization
yesterday was crazy in terms of accumulating things in the mail. we got stewart's bleeding through fan-club inaugeration pack (t-shirt, patches, stickers, etc), my new shameless magazine (buy a subscription!!), my knock down knits book, some wonderful things i bought from chelsea creature, my dresses for vegas, and probably a bill or two. but regardless, a very filling mail day considering some days here are pretty lacking mail-wise.

i spent some time in the later afternoon at a friend's house and we talked babies, life, food, crafting, and it was so refreshing. i've been kinda LOW lately and it was nice to touch base and be reinspired to get my life in a more positive strain. and more productively positive. feeling so overwhelmed by "work" and worrying about bills can be taxing on me. so i organized all of our paperwork from the last year (!!) and now have to go in and individually organize the different files. and make a schedule for paying bills off. and learning to pay off extra and just sticking out the poorness.

off to fold laundry, make some calls, and knit.


i find this troubling

i don't have cable so i sadly only heard about this via the news (go cbc for great coverage!) and just dedicated a bit of time watching these videos.

i loved the first tina fey/hillary video and then the fey as palin interview with diane sawyer was great too.

but i feel that having palin actually on the show is crossing the line. she is no longer the object of ridicule (which she should be) but rather invited into the "cool" club and asked to perform live on saturday night live that even though the staff and guests make fun of her, her presence itself deletes all negativity thrown her way.

a. baldwin's diatribe against her was great, until when he was told it was palin and not fey he backpedaled and relied on her being "hotter in person", which is symbolic of her importance in the campaign: the "left" and "liberal" population of america hates her policies but likes her because she's hot and her inability to be "smart" just gets routed into her caribou barbie status.


i love i love i love i love my calendar girl

tonight was the girls of meow records calendar launch for 2009 and sadly i was too tired to enjoy it much! i just couldn't get into it... but, regardless, everyone looked amazing, the calendar is a HUGE SUCCESS and it was nice to see my ladies!

if you haven't got your hands on one yet head down to meow records (or order over the phone/net www.meowrecords.ca) and get one!!



6 things you don't know about me...

The lovely Becka tagged me on this one. The point is that I'm to tell you 6 fast-facts about myself. Probably stuff you don't know. I'll start by imploring others to do the same, primarily Girl of the North Country and all those other survey whores who get this on facebox.

The rules are as follows;

• Link to the person who tagged you.
• Mention the rules.
• Tell six quirky yet boring, unspectacular details about yourself.
• Tag six other bloggers by linking to them.
• Go to each person's blog and leave a comment that lets them know they've been tagged.

NOW! Onto those quirky yet boring things about myself (I'm always spectacular!)

1. I bought the boots.

2. I want to make poetry out of those little word scrambles you have to type out to leave comments and register on sites

3. Everything in the soup I made today was local MINUS the boullion and the onion. My friend even grew the pumpkin. And the yoghurt on top? I MADE IT!

4. It really bothers me that my car is dirty.

5. Everytime I call Rupert to come inside and he doesn't I worry he's never going to come back, almost to the point of tears.

6. My kidneys hurt again. This means a need to overhaul my diet again = fuck.



one night to speed up truth

chunky slouch
i'm casting on a hat. yes sir ee. it's cold enough here now to almost warrant a toque. woop. it's going to be made of noro kabuto in grey, some malabrigo aquarella, and some lopi in a bulky weight. all greys, charcoals, and a splash of purple-y malabrigo. i'm pretty excited. i'll probably make it a slouch, too. i guess we'll see. i'm new to the slouch hat making life. well, constructing life.

today was super productive and i'm becoming more and more aware of how i have no energy to do anything as well as feel like all i'm known for is doing "stuff". but that part of me is on it's way out. my lack of energy is being replaced by my lack of want to do other things (i blame being in a full time job, the monotony is somewhat energy-source deminishing) such as knit, my thesis (finally!!), and nap nap nap nap nap. rather than those soul/energy sucking activities that i do, like sit on boards and busy myself with organizing and volunteering. i love it and it's important but right now i can't. i mean, it's been a long haul of working in the community and it's hard to do that as a job and as a hobby. it's just exhausting.



rhythm in their bosom when they say..

it's no joke that i love myself a good ol' holiday that is intended to not only give us hard working canadians a day off of the 9-5 slog we call our lives (us 24hr-ers don't really get the same effect, but it kinda rubs off on us). that one extra day off often turns a two-day weekend full of errands and chores into a three-day weekend of debauchery, overconsumption of consumer goods and food and wine wine wine, as well as other things like an extra dose of fibre, hockey watching (not me), and nature walks (also not me).

i don't love thanksgiving all that much, but i do love the fall foods and the reminder that yet again we're still colonizing. is deciding not to eat turkey on this holiday a way to take a stand against our colonizing acts? i have no idea, really, but wish it was recognized more as a marker of the dastardly ways we as a historical and current identity engage with the nations that have been colonized here.

on another note, fall and winter are settling in. the yard needs to be raked (terribly), and i made my first batch of homemade yoghurt. it totally needed to stand for another two hours. but i'm in love. this shit is good. and cheap!

off to stitch n bitch, wine acquisitioning, and thanksgivinginging.

p.s.. just searched etsy with the term "thanksgiving yarn" and got this. gobble gobble.


the radio alarm clock is set for soon.

the road home
last sunday a great friend and i went for an impromptu breakfast road trip to quesnel. we hadn't seen eachother in three weeks and it was good to catch up and knit. posting now i realized that it's been exactly a week since my last post and i need to work harder on this one.

this week has been a slap over the head. working full time is exhausting and managing contracts and all my community-related activities on top of that is a lot of work! especially since i'm power a wedding dress out the door and am dealing with serious thesis-lack-of-working-on-it guilt.

i'm pretty much so stressed about my thesis that i'm stressing myself sick and into a hizzy of knitting activity. not something to celebrate really.

rather than ramble i'm going to strap on a hoodie and get my sew on.



with your hook and line i still blow away

today i undertook three more hours of torture. it's really taken it's toll on my body today. i had a nap and couldn't really have a drink at my friend's stagette! so sad. and i came home at 10pm and want to just sleep until 2014.

and for some reason my body is rejecting my labret. i think that i'm sick. boo. must drink more echinacea tea.


consumer whore

okay, so we all know this about myself, and probably everyone else that's on student loan, but when we get it, especially if we've spent a few months prior counting our pennies (ie. not buying much yarn) we blow our student loans on STUFF. Today my list of shit I bought includes yummy groceries, a case of earth balance, a slow cooker, a new cast iron pot for cooking of course, a compost bucket that has a de-scenter on it, and jewellery (above!). oh, and a shit load of yarn and a new noro pattern book! it makes noro look less folky and i love it.

and as of today we've owned our car for exactly one week and used only just under 1/2 a tank and done a lot of driving doing errands and stuff (catch up from when we didn't have a car like recycling and buying things we can't carry on the bus). and it's kind of sickly to me. i kind of wish i had a good bike to ride everywhere right now.

now i must unpack those groceries and go to a board meeting. 'tis the life of ye ol' ohsweetie!