TBT 48-90


What I Ate Today: Non-TBT Carrot Loaf, ww vegan samosa smash w/ fried zucchini and scrambled eggs, a few pieces of wayward cheese at family, crackers and hummus, tall unsweetened rooibos tea latte, popcorn with nooch and earth balance (less than normal), snacky dinner including raw veg (peas and edamame and peppers and cucumber), tahini dip, salsa, bruschetta, tortilla chips/crackers, vegan sausage, roasted garlic, and seaweed snacks. thinking about having another snack while i watch twilight, and knit.

Exercise: None. But looking forward to 20 sun salutations tomorrow morning and my first baseball meeting. hopefully we can practice a little.


TBT 47-90

mt arrowsmith
(last week>

What I Ate Today: quinoa cashews raisins sunflower seeds with apple sauce and coconut yoghurt, apple struedel (bad), strawberries and raspberries, vegan huevos rancheros (w/ tofu!!), grande soy green tea latte, rice noodle soup (white) with edamame, spinach, snow peas, zucchini... reese peanut butter cups (3).. tea. ETA: bruschetta and wasa crackers, coconut yoghurt

10 x pushup side reach (5 per side)
10 x leg drops with U shape
20 x speed skating leg workout (10 per side)
20 squats
20 leg lifts x 3 per side
30 second plank

TBT 46-90

Yesterday was a super busy day. So much going on in my life. So much going on at a community level. So tired. On Wednesday I went to Phillips Brewery to get Stewart a Growler, and they ended up having Analog 78 Kolsch bottled, which I haven't seen in a while. It's hands down my favourite. I bought a case.

What I Ate Yesterday: oatmeal w/ museli, lots of fruit source, organic vegan microwave popcorn (!!), green tea, water water water, 2 beers, breakfast for dinner w/ eggs and vegan sausage and fried potatoes, snack foods incl. meatless meat balls, ww chips, bruschetta, hummus, carrots, spring rolls, and samosas.

Exercise: None.


TBT 45-90

Whoa, today is the half way mark!!! I'm happy to report that I weighed myself and am at 274.5lbs. Which is down, and awesome. I will take measurements before I go to PG. so good thing is that while compliance is shitty, I'm still blogging everyday, woot woot, and am focusing on the things I need to work better on. Right now I'm trying to keep my head above water, and it's honestly easier to tackle this life stuff if my family is all healthy ( we've been so sick ongoing since February ). When I'm exhausted and overwhelmed with life, it hard to focus on eating right and exercise, let alone getting to practice. Guh. I very proud of myself for being as vegan as I have been, and look forward to tackling both exercise and junk food over the next 45 days.

What I Ate Today: steel cut oats with pecans and raisins, almond milk, maple syrup, and almond milk yoghurt, camomile tea, water water water, vegan wrap and vegan tomato soup, apple, some baked salted chips, vegan TBT approved licorice, brown rice teriyaki double tofu bowl at noodle box, veggie gyozas, a few handfuls of Annie's cheddar bunny crackers, lemon ginger echinacea juice, grande soy unsweetened green tea latte

Exercise: 30 minute walk, easy --> moderate (I sweat a little)


TBT 44-90

what I ate today: lots of healthy junk food. Lots of water, vegan Tim Horton's, yummy vegan pasta.

Exercise: trying to stay alive, changing lanes to pass slow cars, movie watching, climbing eden's stairs.


TBT 43-90

Sitting down to watch a movie with Stewart, do some knitting, and eat popcorn. A luxury I rarely can afford!

What I Ate Today: lemon poppyseed muffin, grande soy unsweetened green tea latte, ww baked bannock, curry pâté, vegan cream cheese, smoked salmon, steamed carrots and broccolini, salad, potatoes, 2 buns w marj ( bah! ), popcorn w nooch.

Exercise: none.



TBT 42-90

I have pictures! But I want to work on some stuff and then go to sleeeep, so am going to spend as little time doing this as possible.

What I Ate Today:
grande soy unsweetened green tea latte w/ an extra scoop of matcha
water water water
lemon poppy seed muffin
scrambled eggs home fries
a few non-tbt approved pancakes w/ agave syrup
pomegranate tea
vegan tbt approved macaroon (yum!)
1/2 fuji apple
piece of vegan pizza
vegan cream of mushroom soup, hummus, ww tortillas, some corn chips, raw veggies
non vegan non tbt approved puffed rice treat
water water water

1.5 hours of intense roller derby practice (intense for me)


TBT 41-90

I totally joined a baseball team and we have our first practice next sunday. A friend gave me an old pair of field runners she had (she's hardcore baller) and I am pretty sure I have a glove up north that I can have back (or one I can steal away from my dad). I'm looking forward to playing ball. Women's ball and beer leagues are BIG in this town and it'll be a whole new group of ppl, some of whom I know a little bit and want to know better, so I'm stoked. I will not be participating in the beer part of the league, but anticipate drinking shiraz from a carton...

Today I'm recovering from a tough night with a sick Sethie, which means he napped a long time during the day and I chose not to sleep, but to knit (I'm in the home stretch on stewart's Krueger sweater...must...finish). Bought groceries, feeling less impoverished. Saw my grandpa at the store, he thought that we were coming over for lunch and made us lunch (when we weren't.. oh the throes of partial dementia).. told him to come by when Seth woke up. Maybe we can go to the park, too.

Tonight is the hops festival and I'm posting this in advance of me going there. Today is by far one of my biggest cheat days yet. REALLY look forward to the Hops Festival every year, and I expect this year will be no less of a PAR-TAY! Early morning tomorrow trip to cumberland to watch the Faster Pussycats play the Brick House Betties (with friends). <3 <3 <3

What I Ate Today:
Huevos Rancheros (refried beans, tortilla, scrambled eggs, tomatoes, green onions, potatoes, salsas, and guacamole)
Mint Tea
Orange Juice
1/2 lemon poppyseed muffin
water water water
Non-Vegan Non-TBT Approved PUB FOOD extravaganza at the Hops Festival.

Ab Workout (300 reps)
10 x sun salutation (5 per side)


TBT 40-90

parking garage
FATSHION/Wardrobe Remix: It looks like I'm wearing all black b/c I'm in a dark parking garage, but I'm not!! Black toms, purple leg warmers (thrifted hockey socks cut in half), grey tights (warehouse one), black shorts (walmart sale rack 2006), black/grey tunic (from holly), purple and black scarf (gypsy wolf), black and white bag (bookhou), watch (vannen). PS can I just say that I'm not sticking in my belly and look! it's shrinking. I thank all the chips ;)

I'm 5 days from half way and gorging on kettle chips. OBVIOUSLY I still have lots to learn from this challenge. Going to start on the arms of stewart's sweater and watch young adult... looking forward to it.

What I Ate Today:
lemon poppyseed ww muffins
mint tea
"immunity idol" smoothie (dates, orange juice, banana, ginger, vega, phyto powder, etc)
water water water
salted kettle chips
vegan macaroon
kombucha (ginger)
vegan cream cheese, pate, and wasa crackers
vegan truffles (2), and vegan TBT approved cappuccino ice cream (yuuummmm--thanks baby!)
vegan "deluxe" pizza with vegan cheese (not daiya, delicious!!)

20 minute walk with seth in the woods


TBT 39-90

Today marks the first day in two weeks of super busy days and huge work load. Lots of extra hours. Lots of extra work. Lots of travel. Lots of exhaustion. I'm kind of looking forward to it. I covet times like these.

What I ate today: 1 vegan ginger bread cookie, smashed chickpea sandwich, grande soy green tea unsweetened latte, vegetarian sandwich, some v8, carrot sticks, yam.coconut.ginger flax roll, mint tea, chickpea patties, beet millet risotto, roasted green beans, miso gravy. Comfort food dinner of champions.

Exercise: I spent two hours on my feet and went up three flights of stairs countless times. 1 1/2 hour derby practice.. Moderate.


TBT 38-90

What I Ate Today:
8 vegan (spelt) ginger cookies
mint tea
vanilla rooibos tea
plain kettle chips
vegan cream of broc soup
chickpea salad on ww bread (vegan)
calbrese salad (vegan)
water water water
green tea

1 hour restorative yoga

TBT 37-90

What I Ate Yesterday:
Camomile Tea
1/2 piece pb ww toast
24oz fruit smoothie
2 veggie dogs w/ ww bread and condiments
2 chocolate mint vegan cookies
grande green tea soy unsweetened latte
chili plum noodle box w/ tofu
vegetarian dumplings

SLEEP and a 7 hour trip home from Kelowna. GUH.


TBT 36-90

Today was proof that I'm still helpless in the face of my period. I did so good for most of the day (minus the bannock) and then in the evening just CRASHED and gorged on chocolate. I really wish I brought some of my vegan sweets with me so I wouldn't so truly have crossed to the dark side. On a good note, I ate all that chocolate while watching 21 Jump Street in a movie theatre! I can't remember the last time I was in a movie theatre! The movie was about 20% too stupid, but cute, funny, and those boys are HOTT.

what I ate today: licorice tea, two granola bars not good for me, rice cake with peanut butter, water water water, fruit and veggie mountain (strawberries, watermelon, pineapple, grapes, snap peas, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes), lots of bad for me but oh so good bannock (when in rome!), a hummus mound, vegetables and fruit, more fruit, mint tea, edamame, miso soup, avocado roll, 2 spicy tuna cones, agedashi tofu, water water water, 3 pieces almond roca, a bag of rolo minis.

exercise: none.


TBT 35-90

hi fives!! 
brat camp wrap up scrimmage, friday night! so may good times!
 Today at Stewart's Grandma's house in Oliver is grandma asked me what my new derby name was, I said, "The Con".. and Grandma then proceeded to tell Great Aunt and her new husband my old derby name (Scissor Tits).. ahaha, so gooooood.

In the OK, it's so dry here. Love being around family (in-laws!) though eating is a major challenge.

What I Ate Today:
1/4 oatmeal raisin cooking (non-vegan, non-tbt approved)
water water water
a handful of raisins
oatmeal, grande soy unsweetened green tea latte
green juice
cucumber, pickle, olive, and mustard sandwich on a mini-ww bun
1/4 cup of coleslaw that had dairy in it (went into the garbage when I realized...)
1/2 cup of tortilla chips with a few tbsp of salsa
1 mini pb cup (boo)
mint tea
ww bagel w/ peanut butter
veggie dog, ww bread, mustard, relish
rice and steamed veggies

100 reps ab exercises (incl. pushups) - not enough, but so hard to do with a child jumping on me and a dog with a stinky dog mouth licking my arms and face. travelling = no personal space.


TBT 34-90


Downloaded me an app to blog in style. Oh yeeeeaaaaaaah.

What I ate today:

Cereal with hemp hearts, pepitas, blueberries, almond milk

Mint tea

A few bites banana bread

Plain chips, veggie bootie, apple cinnamon bun, vegan cookies, vegan chocolate

Snap peas and hummus

Eggplant mole chilli with brown rice


Sleeeep. Up super early drove and am so tired. Will challenge myself to do an exercise, but am not promising anything.


TBT 33-90

Busy Day. I'm gone Sat-Tuesday with Seth to Kelowna. Will try to blog from my iPad.

What I Ate Today:
Strawberry, blackberry, banana, almond milk, blood orange juice smoothie
eggs/flour (croatian breakfast, white flour, no sugar)
grande soy unsweetened green tea latte
small bag bbq chips (50g?)
small bag sweet potato cracker/chips (50g?)
Hummus (with leftover eggs/flour)
"tropical greens" smoothie (spinach, banana, apple juice, other stuff, and vega powder)
sauteed garlic, leek, and zucchini ww vegan pizza w/ nooch and oregano and pumpkin seeds

Moderate skating around at brat camp


TBT 32-90

HEY GIRL, SMACK DADDY. Best thing ever.
Life is about to get busier than normal so I'm enjoying a smattering of downtime in my afternoon. READ THIS ARTICLE. Derby Tonight (yip!), feeling better, Seth slept better, hoping I can continue it to tonight. Tomorrow is the brat camp finale with a scrimmage with new friends from cumberland. Super exciting. Pictures sometime next week, for sure. Victoria Saturday, Kelowna/Oliver Sunday, Kelowna Monday-Tuesday, back late late Tuesday. Looking forward to it.

What I Ate Today:
Tomato tofu cream tart
Grande soy unsweetened Green Tea Latte
ww bun w/ hummus and greens, seven grain salad, banana, strawberry, blueberries
water water water
sushi w/ white rice in various guises, edamame, agedashi, miso soup

45 minutes moderate- intense skating/endurance at practice. my lungs were KILLING me after this and I had to stop skating. sad panda.


TBT 31-90 Still Sick Edition

Dinner Tuesday/Reading cookbooks
Dinner Wednesday: Pizza Stones have Multiple Uses
Today is another day where I'm too sick and exhausted to work out. After I put Seth to bed I intend to pull the yoga mat out and do some restorative flow bed time yoga and go to bed. I'm challenging myself to two new lifestyle ways of being today: be in bed by 10:30PM lights out whenever. If I get home after 10:30PM sleep immediately (or shower first if I had derby). The other is starting to wean Seth off his bottles, which I'm not interested in going into, but it's starting to become a real problem.

What I Ate Today:
Blueberry, Strawberry, OJ, Almond Milk, Coconut Yoghurt Smoothie
A mother load of brown rice chips (SOOO MANY CALORIES)
A cracker and a few non-vegan chips
Tomato and tofu cream tart w/ vegan caesar salad and 2 hard boiled eggs
Lemon gingery beverage (no sugar! yip!)
water water water
probably a cuppa tea

Knitting, gentle yoga, sleeeeeep.


TBT 30-90; 30% of the way there

Below is something I posted on the Facebook group for our league today. Our league is undergoing a transition, we'll have a new board soon (which means I wont be on the board) and it's decision time to see if people are able/ready to commit to actually being a competitive league. This includes myself. Can I make myself healthy and de-stressed enough to fully commit to the Journey of Roller Derby? It's not something that "time will tell" but something I need to make happen right now.

What I Ate Today:
Grande Soy Unsweetened Green Tea Latte
Green Tea
Vegetarian breakfast sandwich, WW bread, egg, roasted veggies, and lots of disgusting cheese products (I don't regret it but I know better)
Apple, lemon, ginger juice
Halibut/Salmon, potatoes, raw veg
Water water water
Pesto Pasta w/ white noodles (vegan, the only noodles we had in the house), sautee'd schrooms and kale (two portions)
1/2 glass delicious white wine
water water water

Roller Derby 1.5 hours moderate-intense (because I was sick=intense)

Getting Fit aka. Everything I learned from Chia, Brendan Brazier, and Bodyrock.tv

I want to preface this by saying that I haven't been a fit person and am far from what I would describe as fit (I'm on my way there!) and that I always have bad days, but those days are OK. Life sometimes takes over, but these things are what I strive for everyday, regardless of a sleep deprived night with my child, how shitty hard work is, how stressed I am about money, or how stupid sick I am from who knows what. At the very least I try to find a success, every. single. day. Also that I've been attending the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and I'm feeling a little emotional/prophetic, sorries!

1. Cut the Crap: I thank Brendan Brazier for this one. I read his book (FREE to borrow at the library) called "Thrive Fitness" that talks about a plant based diet and fitness and how it's better for you overall and actually aids in the regeneration of muscle tissue better than meat. Beretta Lynch said, "Eat More Protein" when I said I was exhausted from high intensity cardio diets. Her suggestion was to take Vega. But, you know what? Vega is expensive. I can't afford it. Other protein sources? (Local) Eggs hardboiled, Tofu (honestly, eat it raw, chopped up in miso soup, baked like Meghan Shaw's recipe, or in a smoothie), and almonds and almond butter. I've been an on-off again vegetarian for 15 years, and have loved meat for a really long time, but the NUMBER ONE reason I'm losing weight and building muscle is because I've chosen to be vegan. I still cheat every two - three days or so, it's a hard transition, but a cheap one to make, and has major benefits for being a strong, competitive roller girl. Check out TBT (Total Body Transformation) here on Facebook for more examples of how to eat by cutting out the crap, or even No-Meat Athlete.

2. Make a schedule and work out EVERY DAY: On the last day of the month sit down with paper and a pen or your word calendar google calendar whatever and plan your workout schedule for the next month. The best place to start is writing down all your practices for Derby. On all your extra days what are you going to do? As Chia has helped me figure out, you should aim for high intensity workouts that focus on cardio and strength building. Beretta Lynch told me that I should be adding extended high intensity cardio to my daily exercise. That feeling when we do 25 in 5? You should be feeling that in intervals throughout your workout. If you can leave your house do a walk/run routine (lots of free ones on youtube) or do a run/jumping jack routine (if you're blessed to be able to run for extended periods of time. Pair that with strength training, or do strength training that gets your heart rate up. For example, ask Chia to help you chart a strength exercise and do 30 jumping jacks or run on the spot for 30 seconds between each one. DO THIS EVERY SINGLE DAY. If practice isn't hard enough DO THIS ON TOP OF PRACTICE. This is hard and I need to get better at it. Make copies of your calendar, post them at your work, post them at your home in multiple places and check off the ones you complete and X off the ones you didn't do. At the end of the month you can go back and see what went wrong. Take travel into account, maybe you can't do practice, but you can do the derby workout? And give yourself an ACTIVE REST day once a week, meaning at the very least get out for a walk or do a couple of rounds of sun salutations. (Another great 12 minute in your living room exercise routine are those on Bodyrock.tv Check'em out!). If you have days where you're exhausted, sick, and just want to eat ice cream and cry. Drink lots of water and do a low-intensity ab workout or even a couple of sun salutations. Whatever it is, get some exercise.

3. Be Accountable: For December and January and part of February I was really reliant on Chia and am SO LUCKY that she was there to support me in getting my ass in gear and being motivated enough to do it myself. I would email her after EVERY SINGLE workout I did. She would always say something positive, which was very very helpful in getting it done. We still check in every day via email or phone, but when I "fall down" she supports me in reminding me that I'm still awesome even if I ate something loaded with sugar and was too sick to do my workout. She always reminds me, "tomorrow is another day". Not only am I accountable to Chia, I'm accountable to myself (and am tracking that via my blog, but a journal would do), and I'm accountable to my team. I need to be the best I can be at this or I will let my team down. I need to be fit enough to do an exercise so I can be there for my team and I need to take care of myself well enough that I can be healthy enough to go to practice (which has been hard for me lately). If I'm not at practice and 3 people don't call me and say "What the fuck?" then there's something wrong. We are all accountable to each other to make sure we get to practice and can contribute 110%

4. Be Nice to Yourself and Ask for Help: Share your journey with your team mates, and your coaches. They are able to help you reach your goals and provide you fitness advice. Need a job that is during the day so you can come to practices? Maybe someone on the team writes KILLER resumes and can help you get a new job? Need a babysitter? Maybe an injured skater can watch your kidlette or someone knows a teenager that would babysit for free? Have a hard time paying your fees? Get a hold of your board and let them know so they can just waive them for you. You are incredible and beautiful and strong women who have chosen to take your lives out on a limb and engage with a challenging sport and community and for that I know everyone around you is eternally grateful for joining each other in this community we have created. Give yourself space to make mistakes and grow grow grow.


TBT 29-30

What I ate today:
Grande soy unsweetened green tea latte
Cinnamon bun, banana choc chip muffin, oranges
Salmon chowder ( dairy free)
Bannock and raw veg
Tofu egg salad, coconut lime tofu, green salad with quinoa and garbanzo
mint tea
blueberry cashew seed bar
some non-tbt friendly nor vegan banana bread (not much)

One hour ashtanga


TBT 28-90

west coast walking outfit
What I wore yesterday to go out for a walk with Sethie in the woods. The shorts don't fit anymore (too big) so this was particularly uncomfortable. Jacket's too big too and a bit weird on. Loved my outfit though.

"Springing Forward" is exhausting. It's 9pm and I'm ready to go to bed! Feeling super congested, have lathered up with menthol ointment and am about to have more tea. I had a long nap today and when I woke up I felt like someone had hit me in the chest.

What I Ate Today:
Flat Bread and vegan egg salad
Vegan Huevos Rancheros 
Mint Tea
Delicious potluck feast incl: vegan tater bake, root vegetable salad, couscous salad, pilaf, and raw veggies (and yummy vegan lemon cake), a few glasses of delicious white wine
Mint Tea w/ Lime

Napping / Horizontal Polka


TBT 27-90

Today was a good day, but a long one. Adventure in Qualicum with Sethie, went for a walk up a gully, had a yummy but super expensive vegan raw lunch, came home and cleaned and hung out and napped, and cuddled, and prepared for a clothing swap (I got rid of lots and got one new shirt! lots of other ppl got sweeet finds) with a wonderful vegan potluck. Got to spend a few hours with my derby wife, which was a blessing in itself. LOVELY friends! Thanks to everyone who came over. Seth napped until 530pm today so he's still up, eating popcorn with nooch and watching treehouse! (one of his new words is a bastardized "pop corn") Bedtime shortly! good night!

What I Ate Today:
Grande Soy Unsweetened Green Tea Latte
Vegan Raw Lasagne with Caesar Salad
Pina Colada Smoothie (vegan)
QB Bar (Vegan sugar free raw desert like a Nanaimo Bar)
2 Veggie Dogs w/ ww bun and yummy toppings
Some veggie bootie
Vegan potluck feast including pita chips, foccacia, faux egg salad, coconut lime dippy thingy, bok choy/beet salad, parsley/veg salad, tbt approved vegan broc and chez
1/2 glass wine
non-tbt approved icing free chocolate cake

20 minute walk with seth, easy-moderate b/c it was hilly


TBT 26-90

vegan roasted veg pizza and salad
Another boring day on the blog. Not a boring day in life. Made an appointment to get both my nose and munroe pierced, morning yoga, got to read a good report on the cost of food in BC, started tying up ends with a community project, and got to see friends. Oh, and brat camp. Loving it.

What I Ate Today:
2 Hemp freezer waffles with earth balance, pb, and home canned apples
1/2 green tea latte (that they made with milk, grrrrooooossssss)
spicy miso ramen with tofu and edamame
roasted veg vegan pizza on ww crust
glass of wine, 2 pieces polenta w/ cheese, chips w/ salsa and hummus
vegan footlong sub

1 hour of moderate exercise at brat camp
1 hour of ashtanga yoga


TBT 25-90

new skirt

What I Ate Today:
Half an apple (it was gross, i disposed of it)
Veggie panini from Canvas Cup, a small bit of chips, seed bar (i had back to back meetings and no time like I thought I would. GRR ended up going to the nearest place, disappointed i cheated! avoided sugar, though!)
hummus and rice crackers
2 tofu hotdogs, ww buns w/ condiments
green salad
vega sports drink

2 hour derby practice, moderate-intense 


TBT 24-90

On Sunday I told the derby wife that some days I write more than others. Today isn't one of those days. (ps. stayed on diet today. oh yeah.)

What I Ate Today:
Grapes, Strawberries, ww bun
Blackberry, raspberry, blueberry banana smoothie with vega
Pumpkin soup, ww bun, pickles, apples and pineapples
edamame, agedashi tofu, miso soup
soy green tea latte
broccoli chowder w/ ww toast
small bowl of popcorn
mandarin spice tea (last time i have this, it gave me bad heartburn)

300 ab reps well, i didn't do this. i watched tiny furniture instead.


TBT 23-90

These made my day.

Today it's gloriously sunny outside. Yip! I've got a busy day a head of me and it's already 10:30am. YIKES! I'm exhausted still. Will have to go to sleep right after derby. I'm feeling better health wise so I have "more energy" and want to "do stuff" thus putting me to bed late. If I get home from derby, have a shower, I can climb into bed and read Wild Abandon which Stewart got for me for my birthday last year and I'm just starting to read and REALLY love. Yay reading!

Last night before bed I went through some of my clothes for a clothing swap I'm hosting on Saturday. Nice to clean out stuff I dont wear/doesn't fit me anymore. Bought clothes one size down and they're a smidge too small (while my regular sizes were too big, blah). Aiming to have them fit soon. Today at lunch I cheated. GUH. We had a birthday party for a co-worker and my boss made everyone lunch. She made chicken cordon bleu, which I forewent, with roasted potatoes and veggies, smothered in hollandaise. When I said I'd have the hollandaise (and cake!) she was pleased. The veggies were delicious. The hollandaise was delicious, but I could've done without the cake. Bah. Tonight TBT approved veggie burgers with yams/green salad. Kind of looking forward to it.

What I Ate Today:
Sauteed mushrooms, yellow pepper, zucchini, and olives with 1 scrambled egg and toast
mint tea
raspberry licorice
Roasted potatoes and veggies with hollandaise
blackforest cake
cup of orange juice
veggie burger, ww/bun, roasted yams, salad
rice chips
some other snack yet to be determined

derby was cancelled, i did nothing. (watched gossip girl)?


TBT 22-90

Today became my cheat day but I was too tired to really enjoy it. On the first day of my week so 7 days of goodness ahead of me. Exhausted from not sleeping last night. feeling good, received some unexpected funds for my tattoos and new clothes. everything in town except for walmart, llbean.com, and etsy were closed. have some new stuff to show off over the next while. didn't work out. went to sleep instead so I could feel good for derby tomorrow.

What I Ate Today:
Blackberry, banana smoothie with orange juice, almond milk, and chocolate hemp protein powder
pasta with cabbage
1/2 piece salmon w/ panko, 1/2 piece halibut w/ beer batter, fries, coleslaw, caesar salad
green tea iced tea
water water water



TBT 21-90

roger creek trail
roger creek trail
roger creek trail
roger creek trail
roger creek trail
This morning Seth woke up at 7am, which was a little early considering I had a late night last night. But it was nice. I put breakfast for us together, got to get some blogging done for HOME SWEET HOME, got Seth and I dressed and by 9:30am we headed out to run around on some trails. I usually head up to Burde street but there was no one there. Since we're without a bigger dog, I like to know there's a few other people on the trails (re: cougars), so we headed over to Roger Creek Trail (my first time!) and it was awesome. We saw a few people, saw some cute dogs, and got to go for a short walk. Seth can only do 15-20 minutes, so I have to gauge how far we can go in and then back to the car. He only made me carry him (on my shoulders) for about 2-3 minutes. Next time I'll try to push it a bit further / go earlier so he has more energy.  I can't believe I've lived in this town for two years and am just now getting outside and enjoying the trails. I'm really happy I don't have to pack Seth around very often, that was probably what was inhibiting me before.

Yesterday when I was at my mom's house I weighed myself and I was at 276.5lbs. Down 5 from when I started the TBT and 30 from last summer.  YIP! I've been going strong on the diet (compared to just last week). I took my measurements too, and will get those up here soon. Tonight I go back to derby after my break. YIP! Looking forward to it. Lots of house chores to do today (still, dishes, FML) but I think right now I'm going to do some sun salutation rotations and then climb into bed and read myself into a nap.

What I Ate Today:
Toast, eggs, spinach, zucchini
1/2 a whole grain blueberry muffin (probably loaded with sugar and refined flour)
mint tea
tofu scramble wrap
leftover pancake with peanutbutter and jam
orange tea
whole wheat pasta w/ cabbage and deliciousness
vega sport drink
water water water

20 minute walk with seth
Sun Salutation x 2 per side (added positions)
2 hour derby practice - moderate to intense


TBT 20-90

seth last weekend.
Today was a git 'er done day. Swept, did laundry, pancakes for breaky, RDAC meeting, pizza dinner with family...I kind of wanted to take a rain cheque and craft ALL DAY, but I still got some crafting done. huzzah!

Started sorting through all my crap to get ready for our big garage sale at the start of April. Looking forward to moving with WAY LESS stuff. Feeling exhausted at the end of the day and forced myself to do the ab workout. Didn't get to go do cardio, kind of disappointed about that.

What I Ate Today:
Whole Wheat Pancakes with blackberries and apple sauce (and a bit of strawberry syrup that I made! So good. It had sugar)
Water Water Water
soy green tea latte
tofu scramble wrap
panda licorice (raspberry)
vegan pepperoni pizza

200 300 rep ab exercise
200 rep leg/butt exercise (including leg lifts, hydrants, and side lunges)


TBT 19-90

Probably one of the BEST MEMES EVER 
Got a good amount of sleep last night, Seth was up sick a few times. When he's sick everything is SO TRAGIC to him and he just bawls. (Wonder where he learned that from).

I'm tired today. Brat camp tonight. Looking forward to it.

What I Ate Today:
Yummy smoothie w/ dates and other fun stuff
Egg, spinach, and mushroom burrito
a few cheechas (?) puffy potato chip thingies
tofu scram and hash (w/ beets and lotsa other veg)
water water water
trail mix

Mosey-ing around at Brat Camp

ps. obviously i did this in advance. I didn't want to forget about it.


TBT 18-90

Once I nail the NO SUGAR I intend to work on the NO CHIPS. I LOVE CHIPS but would rather have popcorn so one of them has to go. I'm not really good with "things in moderation" but am better at cutting things out completely (once I make it part of my day to day).

Today was OK. Seth was sickie, still, and I had to stay home from work, and there were hard parts and easy parts (like getting to watch lots of gossip girl and knit). I rented him totoro because he'll stay home from daycare tomorrow with Stewart all day. And it's his favourite movie. Most favourite, ever. He has his own sound for Totoro, I'm not sure what it is, but am excited to hear it better as he gets a better grasp on english.

Tonight Stewart's out at a friend's house, so I'm being slow on the dinner making. I definitely ate a lot of snacks today because I didn't ever really eat a meal (too tired to do anything today it seemed). Yoga this morning made me feel awesome. Got to walk at the park with Seth and see my lovely Chia.

What I Ate Today:
Egg sandwich
Oatmeal with nuts and dried fruit
soy rooibos latte with honey
matcha, almond milk, and agave
a few home canned peach slices
triskets and pickles
bhangra burrito w/ chutney

Sun Salutation x 4 sequences
150 "steps" doing step aerobics reps at the park with seth