TBT 19-90

Probably one of the BEST MEMES EVER 
Got a good amount of sleep last night, Seth was up sick a few times. When he's sick everything is SO TRAGIC to him and he just bawls. (Wonder where he learned that from).

I'm tired today. Brat camp tonight. Looking forward to it.

What I Ate Today:
Yummy smoothie w/ dates and other fun stuff
Egg, spinach, and mushroom burrito
a few cheechas (?) puffy potato chip thingies
tofu scram and hash (w/ beets and lotsa other veg)
water water water
trail mix

Mosey-ing around at Brat Camp

ps. obviously i did this in advance. I didn't want to forget about it.

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Mountain Girl said...

Great food day! Way to stick with it amongst all of the sick kid drama : )