TBT 32-90

HEY GIRL, SMACK DADDY. Best thing ever.
Life is about to get busier than normal so I'm enjoying a smattering of downtime in my afternoon. READ THIS ARTICLE. Derby Tonight (yip!), feeling better, Seth slept better, hoping I can continue it to tonight. Tomorrow is the brat camp finale with a scrimmage with new friends from cumberland. Super exciting. Pictures sometime next week, for sure. Victoria Saturday, Kelowna/Oliver Sunday, Kelowna Monday-Tuesday, back late late Tuesday. Looking forward to it.

What I Ate Today:
Tomato tofu cream tart
Grande soy unsweetened Green Tea Latte
ww bun w/ hummus and greens, seven grain salad, banana, strawberry, blueberries
water water water
sushi w/ white rice in various guises, edamame, agedashi, miso soup

45 minutes moderate- intense skating/endurance at practice. my lungs were KILLING me after this and I had to stop skating. sad panda.

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Mountain Girl said...

Ok, what is is this tomato tofu cream tart you keep speaking of?

No sad panda. It's hard to do an endurance piece when your lungs are full of goo. Don't worry, you'll have another chance at it when you are healthy : )