TBT 45-90

Whoa, today is the half way mark!!! I'm happy to report that I weighed myself and am at 274.5lbs. Which is down, and awesome. I will take measurements before I go to PG. so good thing is that while compliance is shitty, I'm still blogging everyday, woot woot, and am focusing on the things I need to work better on. Right now I'm trying to keep my head above water, and it's honestly easier to tackle this life stuff if my family is all healthy ( we've been so sick ongoing since February ). When I'm exhausted and overwhelmed with life, it hard to focus on eating right and exercise, let alone getting to practice. Guh. I very proud of myself for being as vegan as I have been, and look forward to tackling both exercise and junk food over the next 45 days.

What I Ate Today: steel cut oats with pecans and raisins, almond milk, maple syrup, and almond milk yoghurt, camomile tea, water water water, vegan wrap and vegan tomato soup, apple, some baked salted chips, vegan TBT approved licorice, brown rice teriyaki double tofu bowl at noodle box, veggie gyozas, a few handfuls of Annie's cheddar bunny crackers, lemon ginger echinacea juice, grande soy unsweetened green tea latte

Exercise: 30 minute walk, easy --> moderate (I sweat a little)


beauty in the breakdown said...

Rock on girly! Congrats on hitting the half way point. The first half is always the hardest.

I find the balance of holding myself accountable versus being compassionate to myself the hardest element of personal fitness/health etc.

Mountain Girl said...

Congrats on day 45! you are on a role sweetie. keep up the great work. love you : )