TBT 47-90

mt arrowsmith
(last week>

What I Ate Today: quinoa cashews raisins sunflower seeds with apple sauce and coconut yoghurt, apple struedel (bad), strawberries and raspberries, vegan huevos rancheros (w/ tofu!!), grande soy green tea latte, rice noodle soup (white) with edamame, spinach, snow peas, zucchini... reese peanut butter cups (3).. tea. ETA: bruschetta and wasa crackers, coconut yoghurt

10 x pushup side reach (5 per side)
10 x leg drops with U shape
20 x speed skating leg workout (10 per side)
20 squats
20 leg lifts x 3 per side
30 second plank

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