TBT 23-90

These made my day.

Today it's gloriously sunny outside. Yip! I've got a busy day a head of me and it's already 10:30am. YIKES! I'm exhausted still. Will have to go to sleep right after derby. I'm feeling better health wise so I have "more energy" and want to "do stuff" thus putting me to bed late. If I get home from derby, have a shower, I can climb into bed and read Wild Abandon which Stewart got for me for my birthday last year and I'm just starting to read and REALLY love. Yay reading!

Last night before bed I went through some of my clothes for a clothing swap I'm hosting on Saturday. Nice to clean out stuff I dont wear/doesn't fit me anymore. Bought clothes one size down and they're a smidge too small (while my regular sizes were too big, blah). Aiming to have them fit soon. Today at lunch I cheated. GUH. We had a birthday party for a co-worker and my boss made everyone lunch. She made chicken cordon bleu, which I forewent, with roasted potatoes and veggies, smothered in hollandaise. When I said I'd have the hollandaise (and cake!) she was pleased. The veggies were delicious. The hollandaise was delicious, but I could've done without the cake. Bah. Tonight TBT approved veggie burgers with yams/green salad. Kind of looking forward to it.

What I Ate Today:
Sauteed mushrooms, yellow pepper, zucchini, and olives with 1 scrambled egg and toast
mint tea
raspberry licorice
Roasted potatoes and veggies with hollandaise
blackforest cake
cup of orange juice
veggie burger, ww/bun, roasted yams, salad
rice chips
some other snack yet to be determined

derby was cancelled, i did nothing. (watched gossip girl)?

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