TBT 30-90; 30% of the way there

Below is something I posted on the Facebook group for our league today. Our league is undergoing a transition, we'll have a new board soon (which means I wont be on the board) and it's decision time to see if people are able/ready to commit to actually being a competitive league. This includes myself. Can I make myself healthy and de-stressed enough to fully commit to the Journey of Roller Derby? It's not something that "time will tell" but something I need to make happen right now.

What I Ate Today:
Grande Soy Unsweetened Green Tea Latte
Green Tea
Vegetarian breakfast sandwich, WW bread, egg, roasted veggies, and lots of disgusting cheese products (I don't regret it but I know better)
Apple, lemon, ginger juice
Halibut/Salmon, potatoes, raw veg
Water water water
Pesto Pasta w/ white noodles (vegan, the only noodles we had in the house), sautee'd schrooms and kale (two portions)
1/2 glass delicious white wine
water water water

Roller Derby 1.5 hours moderate-intense (because I was sick=intense)

Getting Fit aka. Everything I learned from Chia, Brendan Brazier, and Bodyrock.tv

I want to preface this by saying that I haven't been a fit person and am far from what I would describe as fit (I'm on my way there!) and that I always have bad days, but those days are OK. Life sometimes takes over, but these things are what I strive for everyday, regardless of a sleep deprived night with my child, how shitty hard work is, how stressed I am about money, or how stupid sick I am from who knows what. At the very least I try to find a success, every. single. day. Also that I've been attending the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and I'm feeling a little emotional/prophetic, sorries!

1. Cut the Crap: I thank Brendan Brazier for this one. I read his book (FREE to borrow at the library) called "Thrive Fitness" that talks about a plant based diet and fitness and how it's better for you overall and actually aids in the regeneration of muscle tissue better than meat. Beretta Lynch said, "Eat More Protein" when I said I was exhausted from high intensity cardio diets. Her suggestion was to take Vega. But, you know what? Vega is expensive. I can't afford it. Other protein sources? (Local) Eggs hardboiled, Tofu (honestly, eat it raw, chopped up in miso soup, baked like Meghan Shaw's recipe, or in a smoothie), and almonds and almond butter. I've been an on-off again vegetarian for 15 years, and have loved meat for a really long time, but the NUMBER ONE reason I'm losing weight and building muscle is because I've chosen to be vegan. I still cheat every two - three days or so, it's a hard transition, but a cheap one to make, and has major benefits for being a strong, competitive roller girl. Check out TBT (Total Body Transformation) here on Facebook for more examples of how to eat by cutting out the crap, or even No-Meat Athlete.

2. Make a schedule and work out EVERY DAY: On the last day of the month sit down with paper and a pen or your word calendar google calendar whatever and plan your workout schedule for the next month. The best place to start is writing down all your practices for Derby. On all your extra days what are you going to do? As Chia has helped me figure out, you should aim for high intensity workouts that focus on cardio and strength building. Beretta Lynch told me that I should be adding extended high intensity cardio to my daily exercise. That feeling when we do 25 in 5? You should be feeling that in intervals throughout your workout. If you can leave your house do a walk/run routine (lots of free ones on youtube) or do a run/jumping jack routine (if you're blessed to be able to run for extended periods of time. Pair that with strength training, or do strength training that gets your heart rate up. For example, ask Chia to help you chart a strength exercise and do 30 jumping jacks or run on the spot for 30 seconds between each one. DO THIS EVERY SINGLE DAY. If practice isn't hard enough DO THIS ON TOP OF PRACTICE. This is hard and I need to get better at it. Make copies of your calendar, post them at your work, post them at your home in multiple places and check off the ones you complete and X off the ones you didn't do. At the end of the month you can go back and see what went wrong. Take travel into account, maybe you can't do practice, but you can do the derby workout? And give yourself an ACTIVE REST day once a week, meaning at the very least get out for a walk or do a couple of rounds of sun salutations. (Another great 12 minute in your living room exercise routine are those on Bodyrock.tv Check'em out!). If you have days where you're exhausted, sick, and just want to eat ice cream and cry. Drink lots of water and do a low-intensity ab workout or even a couple of sun salutations. Whatever it is, get some exercise.

3. Be Accountable: For December and January and part of February I was really reliant on Chia and am SO LUCKY that she was there to support me in getting my ass in gear and being motivated enough to do it myself. I would email her after EVERY SINGLE workout I did. She would always say something positive, which was very very helpful in getting it done. We still check in every day via email or phone, but when I "fall down" she supports me in reminding me that I'm still awesome even if I ate something loaded with sugar and was too sick to do my workout. She always reminds me, "tomorrow is another day". Not only am I accountable to Chia, I'm accountable to myself (and am tracking that via my blog, but a journal would do), and I'm accountable to my team. I need to be the best I can be at this or I will let my team down. I need to be fit enough to do an exercise so I can be there for my team and I need to take care of myself well enough that I can be healthy enough to go to practice (which has been hard for me lately). If I'm not at practice and 3 people don't call me and say "What the fuck?" then there's something wrong. We are all accountable to each other to make sure we get to practice and can contribute 110%

4. Be Nice to Yourself and Ask for Help: Share your journey with your team mates, and your coaches. They are able to help you reach your goals and provide you fitness advice. Need a job that is during the day so you can come to practices? Maybe someone on the team writes KILLER resumes and can help you get a new job? Need a babysitter? Maybe an injured skater can watch your kidlette or someone knows a teenager that would babysit for free? Have a hard time paying your fees? Get a hold of your board and let them know so they can just waive them for you. You are incredible and beautiful and strong women who have chosen to take your lives out on a limb and engage with a challenging sport and community and for that I know everyone around you is eternally grateful for joining each other in this community we have created. Give yourself space to make mistakes and grow grow grow.

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