TBT 20-90

seth last weekend.
Today was a git 'er done day. Swept, did laundry, pancakes for breaky, RDAC meeting, pizza dinner with family...I kind of wanted to take a rain cheque and craft ALL DAY, but I still got some crafting done. huzzah!

Started sorting through all my crap to get ready for our big garage sale at the start of April. Looking forward to moving with WAY LESS stuff. Feeling exhausted at the end of the day and forced myself to do the ab workout. Didn't get to go do cardio, kind of disappointed about that.

What I Ate Today:
Whole Wheat Pancakes with blackberries and apple sauce (and a bit of strawberry syrup that I made! So good. It had sugar)
Water Water Water
soy green tea latte
tofu scramble wrap
panda licorice (raspberry)
vegan pepperoni pizza

200 300 rep ab exercise
200 rep leg/butt exercise (including leg lifts, hydrants, and side lunges)

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Mountain Girl said...

Sweet! super tough doing workouts amidst prepping to move, house chores, life etc. Way to get it done!