TBT 35-90

hi fives!! 
brat camp wrap up scrimmage, friday night! so may good times!
 Today at Stewart's Grandma's house in Oliver is grandma asked me what my new derby name was, I said, "The Con".. and Grandma then proceeded to tell Great Aunt and her new husband my old derby name (Scissor Tits).. ahaha, so gooooood.

In the OK, it's so dry here. Love being around family (in-laws!) though eating is a major challenge.

What I Ate Today:
1/4 oatmeal raisin cooking (non-vegan, non-tbt approved)
water water water
a handful of raisins
oatmeal, grande soy unsweetened green tea latte
green juice
cucumber, pickle, olive, and mustard sandwich on a mini-ww bun
1/4 cup of coleslaw that had dairy in it (went into the garbage when I realized...)
1/2 cup of tortilla chips with a few tbsp of salsa
1 mini pb cup (boo)
mint tea
ww bagel w/ peanut butter
veggie dog, ww bread, mustard, relish
rice and steamed veggies

100 reps ab exercises (incl. pushups) - not enough, but so hard to do with a child jumping on me and a dog with a stinky dog mouth licking my arms and face. travelling = no personal space.

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Mountain Girl said...

Mmm, mustard sandwiches and dog licked arms :) Good on you for getting some abs in while traveling. When you hit Kamloops, there is a good raw restaurant downtown if you are in that area. See you soon!