TBT 24-90

On Sunday I told the derby wife that some days I write more than others. Today isn't one of those days. (ps. stayed on diet today. oh yeah.)

What I Ate Today:
Grapes, Strawberries, ww bun
Blackberry, raspberry, blueberry banana smoothie with vega
Pumpkin soup, ww bun, pickles, apples and pineapples
edamame, agedashi tofu, miso soup
soy green tea latte
broccoli chowder w/ ww toast
small bowl of popcorn
mandarin spice tea (last time i have this, it gave me bad heartburn)

300 ab reps well, i didn't do this. i watched tiny furniture instead.


Mountain Girl said...

"Damn good looking" eats! And you are what you eat : )

diandra said...

thanks wifey! wait until you see some of my new clothes. super vanilla. <3