TBT 40-90

parking garage
FATSHION/Wardrobe Remix: It looks like I'm wearing all black b/c I'm in a dark parking garage, but I'm not!! Black toms, purple leg warmers (thrifted hockey socks cut in half), grey tights (warehouse one), black shorts (walmart sale rack 2006), black/grey tunic (from holly), purple and black scarf (gypsy wolf), black and white bag (bookhou), watch (vannen). PS can I just say that I'm not sticking in my belly and look! it's shrinking. I thank all the chips ;)

I'm 5 days from half way and gorging on kettle chips. OBVIOUSLY I still have lots to learn from this challenge. Going to start on the arms of stewart's sweater and watch young adult... looking forward to it.

What I Ate Today:
lemon poppyseed ww muffins
mint tea
"immunity idol" smoothie (dates, orange juice, banana, ginger, vega, phyto powder, etc)
water water water
salted kettle chips
vegan macaroon
kombucha (ginger)
vegan cream cheese, pate, and wasa crackers
vegan truffles (2), and vegan TBT approved cappuccino ice cream (yuuummmm--thanks baby!)
vegan "deluxe" pizza with vegan cheese (not daiya, delicious!!)

20 minute walk with seth in the woods

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