"dont let your cock do all the work, all the work"

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rupert just spent the last five weeks...whoops. not what i should have been saying. im so confused! i'm someone's farty friend! haha. anyway, as i was saying, rupert has been playing with this long burgundy piece of leather for about 15 minutes. fucking chasing it around, stalking it, hunting it, just wishing it would play back if you know what i'm saying. and now, he's pooped. he lost his hot-pink bouncie ball earlier today. there's someone revving their engine outside, or he's distracted by jesse's drawing. the sound of my sewing machine winding my bobbin this morning was almost too much for him! all the interesting sounds! I Do Say!

So, five weeks to go. well, just over. nothing's really ready to go and my fucking god im leaving in five weeks. i need to do so many things that i'm not going to write down b/c i'll just get stressed out. we watched "the hills" over at a friend's house. and that silly show, america's talent. bushabo. (did i mention i'm gassy). anyway overall im doing fine, im tired, busy, loving what's going on around me, ie. we decided not to buy a car so that we could go to japan next february to go to eiko chan's wedding!! fun fun fun!!

okay, off to bed. and listening to owen pallet. whoooooppppeeee!! xoxo


"speaking of great minds."

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upon request, the majic ghost patrol tag the house.

people made felt badges. people made collage magnets. people stuffed their faces with crustini and tuna and feta. people drummed on our front porch for hours. people painted on rock. chalked our chalk-board-wall. people brought their lino and rolled it out on the street. they brought their stereo. they did a bit of a b-boy stance. then at two in the morning another friend showed up with a drum and jammed away with stewart. and the mgp. the majic ghost patrol. they grafitti-ed our house. its pretty s.w.e.e.t. i heart the majic ghost patrol. you should too.


a bit of fandangling

we've finally put some of stewart's songs (recorded sunday) on the internet. check it out here at purevolume.com/tickbalm. tick balm? yes. perhaps to change? (p.s. my sister's recording equiptment is pretty good....sweet!