mmm, snacks

saltine, cheddar, sweet pickle
i'm home alone. stewart's working. and i'm snacking. and making dinner/doing dishes/cleaning out the cupboards. this week we're scraping the bottom of every barrel in this house but it'll be all good. i'm also super exhausted from work work work work work. i'm going to curl up here and finish up a webpage (fingers crossed) and lie down in front of the tv and veg out to a french movie that came in the mail. i was supposed to have tomorrow, tuesday, and wednesday off but now i'm working them. i'll probably just 1/2 work them. yuck. love!


summer flicks

i blame mypapercrane for this one. now i'm geeking out over trailers.








the principal of nature is true, but, it's a cruel world

noro socks
this is one of the socks i've been working on. but, i've started another pair in oranges/yellows for kat of i<3tattoos for my thundercloud. loves!

i've been feeling tired and down this week but this evening i went and got a pineapple slush bubble tea with lychee jelly and ever since then i've been go go go. part of it i guess was that all i had at work was work veggies and then i at 9 o'clock finally ate dinner. standing. in the kitchen. a hummus quesadilla. chicken strips. and little bits of steak i was cooking for later for stew or whatever. now i'm full and it's nice.

so i started putting together another article already written for a CFP for a journal and realized that i never sent my research findings back to those that i researched. balls. so i'm doing that now. emailing them snippets. hopefully everyone remembers and is okay with it?? then i can submit this article.

AND, my thesis supervisor said i did a great job and can now send my draft onto my committee! woop!

love the world right now. must craft after this. and get stew and the girls from sbux. and probably go to bed? life!


oh boy!

thunder cloud club
this is what i did today. well a part of today. we're watching s. darko and i can hear ed westwick's hott voice! bye!


year after year

the sweetest diorama ever
this is a super cool diorama we saw at the library in the youth book section. we ran into friends and their book club..and discussed dipping cheetos in sour cream. yum..? stewart and i grabbed a lot of cool books..i'm going to hanker down with them and finish my short row heel on my sock. i'm still decompressing from thesis but it feels good. need to replenish for the next round!


task update #1.a, #12

#1.a: got a new bike. it's in pieces in the shed. it needs new tires and to get fixed.

#12: publish something in an academic journal. i'm sending four copies of my paper “A pen in my hand, and in the other a knife”1 : Defining Third Wave Pedagogy through Canadian Multicultural Literatures in English. for blind peer review to Atlantis magazine tomorrow morning. I also just submitted an abstract for a future article called, “if music could cure all that ails you”: DIY electro pop in the wake of 9/11 to an future anthology. i just need to finish up the first one and get it ready to print in the morning... yippee!

(i love not having to work on my thesis today. i slept in and got some groceries and now i'm going to stitch n bitch. i should eat first, though.) xo


something about a handshake

i submitted that shit this morning and headed straight to a work ymca youth group fundraiser and was outside in the sun for 5 hours this afternoon and have this killer sunburn to prove it. tonight i'm going to putter around the house, craft/knit, and have michelleorama over to watch tunes and eat snacks. i love it. one week till that thesis is back in my hands but between now and then i get to do some of my contracting that's been lagging behind. sleep. cuddle with my mans. and cut and paste shit together. i love it.


everything's gonna get lighter even if it never gets better

i'm still slugging away on ye ol' thesis (balls). stewart and i took a sanity break and went to the grocery store (he's making dinner...steak, corn, salad, foccacia, man's dinner), and then to lush for some stress-relieving treats (face mask, candy body powder), and to coles for a quick peek. i got a knitting book for $5 and bought stew the new augusten burroughs book (about him and his dad and their destructive relationship...it's like therapy!)...

there are two things right now that are pulling me through my thesis and what i am now considering academic hell, ha.

1. that the third wave is STILL not considered as a true feminist movement. what the fuck! i wrote about this over at shameless but hadn't even finished the article i quoted when i wrote that post. and then there on the fucking last page she says it, "third wave is not a movement". balls it's not a movement lady! i'm so charged by my need and desire to prove this crazy academic lady wrong.

2. um, the twilight tour with girl of the north country. i've probably written about this already but miss marion and i have set a date! and i can't keep it in my pants! i'm so excited!! i'm picking her up in seattle and we're going to hang out and go to portland for 4 nights!! 3 days!! omfgg!! i can't wait to shower her with gifts and cuddles and internet loving hugs. CAN'T WAIT!

p.s. i bought new nail polish. three bottles: barbie pink, canary yellow, and hot pink. summa! xo


it hurts with every heartbeat

i took some super cute pictures of stewart the other day when we were at the camelot. but right now i'm so in the zone i can't even begin to guess where my connecting cord is for the camera.... so picture less you are my friends! i left work a little early today to come home and thesis my face off. got a slurpee. ate some food. and began to work on it. i'm also working on an article that needs to be in the mail by the 15th. i think. it'll help me conquer that one on the list "get published in an academic journal". i hope it's all up to snuff and they love it. it's the chapter i've taken out of my thesis, too. so i think if it got published in a journal it would be fitting and a good way to say goodbye to that article. i'm working on my chapter about cyborgs and the internet... and attempting to use as many internet-based sources for the chapter..just to drive it home. stew's taking me for pita pit a little later and then we're going to go watch the hangover. i really shouldn't be taking time off from thesis but i haven't really seen him at all this past 6 weeks and we owe each other a date.


i don't know i don't know

i'm thesising and beering. it's nice. plunking along. i'm only changing what i have to...is that bad? oh sebastien! i'm remembering the aweseomness of this show. we were there in the front row. it killed.


i'm gonna give you more time to boo later, because that's what i do.... oh, conan

still in toronto.. i leave tomorrow and still have all my packing to do.. bleck. the training has been boring and slow and just frustrating and exhausting but i'm having such great toronto experiences that it makes up for everything. first, the people who deliver our program across canada are SO COOL!!! they're all young and hip and critical of everything. i wish i had more time to hang out with them... tuesday night i got to meet and hang out with the shameless girls...today i was invited to go to a meeting with the institute without boundaries (more on that when i know what's happening...)

mm, the lakeview
and got to have dinner with me amanda and her roomie karen (cuties!!)..we went to the lakeview (review) and then walked up college.

bathurst building?
i must say that i've never ever ever been a fan of toronto. i'm annoyed with the provincial/federal politics but being able to see a few things, hang out with people, and do our training in such a beautiful location i'm shocked to find that i LOVE it here. i can't handle how busy it is and how many people there are but EVERYTHING happens here, the streets are full of cool cultural things and people, the neighbourhoods are rich and the food is delicious. too bad it's expensive to death and overpopulated. haha. i think i just miss a city.. and moreso.. i think i would delight in just considering a PhD here. the campus is SO INSPIRING...


around the world the trip begins with a kiss

YVR at nite
i am sitting opposite gate C33 waiting to board my flight to toronto..all night in an airplane..see, i thought we started training tomorrow morning at 8:00am SO IT MADE SENSE AT THE TIME..but training starts at 5pm tomorrow instead. so i've booked in a few site tours, etc and will hunt down some other youth centres while i'm in the city tomorrow. also, i'm low on funds so i think i'm going to take the bus from the airport into downtown to head to my hotel..since it's right across the street, almost, from a subway station!!! right now i feel like i'm 23 all over again and travelling the world from my backpack..except this time i've overpacked. well, for 23yearold fun i'm overpacked but for business woman training week i'm underpacked. i'm super stoked about my outfits and meeting youth for our upcoming youth leadership activities, hanging out with the shameless girls, and also the lovely amanda. i've groaned about taking this trip, but right now full of gross white spot food and exhaustemated for the trip ahead i'm actually excited to get to TO asap.