everything's gonna get lighter even if it never gets better

i'm still slugging away on ye ol' thesis (balls). stewart and i took a sanity break and went to the grocery store (he's making dinner...steak, corn, salad, foccacia, man's dinner), and then to lush for some stress-relieving treats (face mask, candy body powder), and to coles for a quick peek. i got a knitting book for $5 and bought stew the new augusten burroughs book (about him and his dad and their destructive relationship...it's like therapy!)...

there are two things right now that are pulling me through my thesis and what i am now considering academic hell, ha.

1. that the third wave is STILL not considered as a true feminist movement. what the fuck! i wrote about this over at shameless but hadn't even finished the article i quoted when i wrote that post. and then there on the fucking last page she says it, "third wave is not a movement". balls it's not a movement lady! i'm so charged by my need and desire to prove this crazy academic lady wrong.

2. um, the twilight tour with girl of the north country. i've probably written about this already but miss marion and i have set a date! and i can't keep it in my pants! i'm so excited!! i'm picking her up in seattle and we're going to hang out and go to portland for 4 nights!! 3 days!! omfgg!! i can't wait to shower her with gifts and cuddles and internet loving hugs. CAN'T WAIT!

p.s. i bought new nail polish. three bottles: barbie pink, canary yellow, and hot pink. summa! xo

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Melissa said...

That's me! Awesome.

I am geeking out so much about our trip and meeting you. Sean is freaking out because it'll be the first time we've been apart for several days since we moved in together last May. But not me, I am excited!

My gimme your stuff post is for the website of that name. I am going to trade with a girl from Italy and thus complete one of my 101 tasks.

Oh, when we are in Portland, can we eat at Pine State Biscuits? It's supposed to be yummy.

Ahh! I am too excited, I must end my comment immediately or I will ramble and ramble.