the principal of nature is true, but, it's a cruel world

noro socks
this is one of the socks i've been working on. but, i've started another pair in oranges/yellows for kat of i<3tattoos for my thundercloud. loves!

i've been feeling tired and down this week but this evening i went and got a pineapple slush bubble tea with lychee jelly and ever since then i've been go go go. part of it i guess was that all i had at work was work veggies and then i at 9 o'clock finally ate dinner. standing. in the kitchen. a hummus quesadilla. chicken strips. and little bits of steak i was cooking for later for stew or whatever. now i'm full and it's nice.

so i started putting together another article already written for a CFP for a journal and realized that i never sent my research findings back to those that i researched. balls. so i'm doing that now. emailing them snippets. hopefully everyone remembers and is okay with it?? then i can submit this article.

AND, my thesis supervisor said i did a great job and can now send my draft onto my committee! woop!

love the world right now. must craft after this. and get stew and the girls from sbux. and probably go to bed? life!

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