it hurts with every heartbeat

i took some super cute pictures of stewart the other day when we were at the camelot. but right now i'm so in the zone i can't even begin to guess where my connecting cord is for the camera.... so picture less you are my friends! i left work a little early today to come home and thesis my face off. got a slurpee. ate some food. and began to work on it. i'm also working on an article that needs to be in the mail by the 15th. i think. it'll help me conquer that one on the list "get published in an academic journal". i hope it's all up to snuff and they love it. it's the chapter i've taken out of my thesis, too. so i think if it got published in a journal it would be fitting and a good way to say goodbye to that article. i'm working on my chapter about cyborgs and the internet... and attempting to use as many internet-based sources for the chapter..just to drive it home. stew's taking me for pita pit a little later and then we're going to go watch the hangover. i really shouldn't be taking time off from thesis but i haven't really seen him at all this past 6 weeks and we owe each other a date.

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