i'm gonna give you more time to boo later, because that's what i do.... oh, conan

still in toronto.. i leave tomorrow and still have all my packing to do.. bleck. the training has been boring and slow and just frustrating and exhausting but i'm having such great toronto experiences that it makes up for everything. first, the people who deliver our program across canada are SO COOL!!! they're all young and hip and critical of everything. i wish i had more time to hang out with them... tuesday night i got to meet and hang out with the shameless girls...today i was invited to go to a meeting with the institute without boundaries (more on that when i know what's happening...)

mm, the lakeview
and got to have dinner with me amanda and her roomie karen (cuties!!)..we went to the lakeview (review) and then walked up college.

bathurst building?
i must say that i've never ever ever been a fan of toronto. i'm annoyed with the provincial/federal politics but being able to see a few things, hang out with people, and do our training in such a beautiful location i'm shocked to find that i LOVE it here. i can't handle how busy it is and how many people there are but EVERYTHING happens here, the streets are full of cool cultural things and people, the neighbourhoods are rich and the food is delicious. too bad it's expensive to death and overpopulated. haha. i think i just miss a city.. and moreso.. i think i would delight in just considering a PhD here. the campus is SO INSPIRING...

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Please move to Toronto! And bring some Sugar Refinery sparkle.