task update #1.a, #12

#1.a: got a new bike. it's in pieces in the shed. it needs new tires and to get fixed.

#12: publish something in an academic journal. i'm sending four copies of my paper “A pen in my hand, and in the other a knife”1 : Defining Third Wave Pedagogy through Canadian Multicultural Literatures in English. for blind peer review to Atlantis magazine tomorrow morning. I also just submitted an abstract for a future article called, “if music could cure all that ails you”: DIY electro pop in the wake of 9/11 to an future anthology. i just need to finish up the first one and get it ready to print in the morning... yippee!

(i love not having to work on my thesis today. i slept in and got some groceries and now i'm going to stitch n bitch. i should eat first, though.) xo

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Melissa said...

you accomplish so much and are so smart. i am in awe of you.