"you really got the power over me!"


rag rug!

mid-day post! i slept in forever today. until almost noon. which was wonderful. i was awoken a few times by kitties wanting to cuddle and officially ended my sleep with a view of a beautiful blue sky out our bedroom window (which has now been replaced by wind and some clouds. but it looks sunny-ish out to tofino).

i was hoping first thing this morning to make the apple danish bars from the rebar cookbook, but could not find my food processor anywhere. must wait for mom to get home with the knowledge of where she moved it. oi. but that meant i could dedicate my time to something more important and that i've put off for more than 8 weeks: replanting my indoor plants and planting some seeds! there's 2 trays of little containers holding basil and one tray holding containers with heirloom tomatoes! i so should've planted these months ago, but now is better than never. the house plants we have, aside from the jade and the aloe, are amalgamations of plants from our wedding's center pieces! we ended up keeping 3 of them, but one died, and then was reborn somehow through dirt i used to help the other plant along. it's such a gorgeous pink now and the only plant that thrived during the terrible terrible winter i gave them. it's trying to just outlive all of us, i think.

in other news i've been knitting a bathroom rug for our bathroom! the pattern is from cocoknits and i've altered it a bit, more details when it's done! xo


"i'm right over here, why can't you see me?"

helvetica's room!
helvetica's room is shaping up!
mid-century glass cabinet i got off craigslist
the handmade mid century cabinet i got for free off craigslist (heavy glass doors not on right now, but they're sliding! love it)
our other mid-century furniture!
our record stand (fits our record player on top) won't be staying here but was happy to get some things unpacked!
our bookshelf
a bookshelf i got off craigslist for $15 a few months back. super sturdy and holds all of our magazines (with room for more!). baskets of yarn and felt are on the top shelf.
vintage metal plates, 3 in each size
these teeny-small metal plates i got at the thrift store today. i <3 them.

today seemed sluggish at first. i had zero energy to do absolutely anything (from doing 1/2 load dishes and showering...so lame) and then i made a to do list for the day and accomplished almost everything on it! the fun part was thrift shopping with stewart, picking up my new douglas coupland book (must finish rule of the bone first!), going to parksville to have fish with my grandparents and picking up my new super sweet (and free!) handmade 1960s wood cabinet (glass front! built in lighting!) which will get hung on the wall and hold my random collections of melamine, french presses, and cookbooks. i can't wait to hang it. later this summer all of the wood furniture we acquire will get taken down and sanded and then we'll paint it raven black and rehang it. some of it, of course, will be bright red, but the majority will be black. now all we REALLY need is a good vintage/modernish couch like this one, or this one, this one, and even this one. you know, a statement piece? and then something to put the tv on with a semi-locking cabinet underneath. starting fresh sucks sometimes, but we'll get there!


fell in love with the witch doctor

mmm, breakfast
chanel puppy in a car
friday night after dinner stew and i piled into the car and headed south to victoria for the weekend to visit with his momma, aunties, and my sister. it was good times! testament to the fact that i can't do more than 3 activities a day without being a total waste of space and just needing to nap, be cranky, and consume copious amounts of sugar and other foods.

of course victoria was full of the good stuff like cascadia bakery yummies, yarn at knotty by nature, COFFEEEEEE, shopping at the market on yates, china town, and other yummy food stuffs, but it was definitely with VOID that finethankyou pretty much no longer lives in victoria. i secretly relish in the fantasy that his life goes to complete shit in vancouver and he comes crawling back to the island and stew, helvetica, and i move to victoria to comfort him and make everyone's lives better! horror movies! saying we'll go to the gym and then getting americanos instead. knitting. it's like heaven. regardless vancouver will do YOU GOOD MISTER! and i'm just sad my beloved victoria will be without your shine.


"i'm in the corner watching you kiss her ooooh!"

painting the bubble!
dry paint (left) wet paint (right)
this morning i got up and painted the purple walls in helvetica's room! and the purple bubble (these are in progress photos...finished photos after the weekend when everything's done!). i love the colour that i picked and happy that stewart picked purple!

last night we searched the internet for cat-bed like sleeping surfaces for helvetica for in our bed. stew's genuinely terrified that he'll roll over onto lil'font and squish it. i'm pretty sure if i did that a tit would just fall in it's mouth and it would be happy. i mean, sleeping and then tit in your face? nice! anyway, we couldn't find such a sleeping situation anywhere so stewart's going to go find a cat bed or something to assure himself in his sleeping. so adorable. and then the cats can use it after. haha.

we're definitely in the countdown, almost. as of next monday we have 4 weeks left (!!) so this weekend feels like a last hurrah! ha! we're going to victoria to hang out with stewart's mom and the aunties, and my darling eden. it'll be nice to get one last outing out together sans child (i'm still heading down for owen pallet in may!). well, i should go get ready for my day and head to my meeting! xo


"i got the high heels on i go out dancing all by my own"

a and iz go to the park
i'm back home in the land of the misty mountains, blooming plum trees, and a house of chaos. and it's so nice! THANK YOU TO EVERYONE EVERY LITTLE LOVELY who was so wonderful, welcoming, warm, supporting, and generous with me this past week in Prince George (and vancouver!). you all make me miss PG so! and i look forward to cuddling with you in October! one of my favourite things about being in PG was all the good food! i got to have cimo, achillion, dana mandhi, zoe's, hummus brothers (sorry 'bout the broke vase!!!), and sushi factory sendo! YUM. and the thrifting! so good! like these star trek plates (which i didn't bring home).. i found a bunch of wonderful things which will get photographed and posted on flickr and here as i use them in our new space.

i now need to watch last week's glee so i can be prepared for tonight's (and rerun of gg last night? what?) and then set up some furniture in our hallway for our books and other kitchen things! xo


Little Bunny Foo Foo

little felt bunny finger puppets
little felt bunny finger puppets
Done the little bunnies!! YAY!!! They're so cute and adorable and fun to play with..and they're not even for me. I can't wait for 1. helvetica to be a real baby and 2. for helvetica to be big enough to play with his/her own set! adorable. i mean, look at their little bums!! the tutorial is from the purl bee (they have so many great projects there!) and i finally got to put something up on craftster. i haven't posted a project up there in years. here's the link.

well, internet, it's been fun! i'm going on a variety of trips out of town over the next two weeks and when i'm not on the road i'll be at home very busy painting walls and putting up wallpaper. so i bid you my farewell for the next two weeks!!


"this is death of [my to do list], moment of silence"

badges and buttons!
me trying to figure out the placement of our birch wallpaper!
at the very least today i got a few things from my list done: i made the bulletin boards, i painted the hallway (two coats), and fixed up my messes from painting the chalkboard wall. after that we ended up going to get a blizzard and since then i've reloaded stewart's computer (again) and basically crashed from the sugar. oh! and i started laying out our birch wall mural. it's not as art-print as i thought, more photo, but i f'in love it! the panels are a little screwy but it comes with the paste and you put up the pieces as squares! it's going to be so fun and will definitely fit with our woodland/colonization-themed living room. there's more pictures over on the flickr. and will be more tomorrow once i get the rest of the wallpaper up in the AM.

while stewart was moving stuff from helvetica's room (which still needs to be drywalled, painted, and set up) he slowly unpacked some things like our slew of badges/buttons, and pens/pencils, a bag with my knitted shrug in it that i thought i lost, and found the lid to my water bottle. we didn't unpack a single box to completion but just coming across my ceramic cupcakes (!!), my kokeshi dolls (!!!), and my skulls pillowcase was enough to remind me that i do have so many awesome things already and i don't need to stress about putting my place together so much. it also reassured me that i haven't lost myself by moving here (not that i think that often) but to see my nearest and dearest books, markers, and doo-dads was enough for me to remember how much awesomeness i have around me! that my collecting isn't for want!! and that i've survived 5 months of it being in a box! now i just need to get it out of those boxes!! off to hunt down some food!

FO: giftie shawl + to do!

silk kerchief
over the last few days i have been working steadily getting this shawl made and finished up as it's been on the back burner for a certain someone who'll get it next week! the combination of the bright turquoise with the variegated purple is shockingly bright! but i think it'll make a good addition to some cute cute outfits the giftie wears. yay! my rav project link is here.

today is the first day in a while where stewart and i both have the whole day off, two of them in a row. i know i've been on leave for a few weeks so we've had days "off" together, but today/tomorrow i have ZERO meetings, zero running around to do, and no need to get up early. i'm kind of excited. he lies, snoring, next to me here in the bed and i'm going to wrestle myself up (finally, it's almost lunch time) to make a pot of coffee and a snack! and then to get to my to do list. today is going to be busy!!

1. fix up chalkboard wall (i spilled a little and need to paint over the spill).
2. paint hallway with grey paint, 2 coats
3. put fabric on scrap ceiling tiles with duct tape and hang on bedroom wall for our badges/pins, etc
4. move table and sewing EVERYTHING downstairs.
5. make some of these for a little man
6. make 4 of these for some little girls i know
7. re-pot my indoor plants (it's beyond due!)

i hope you all have a great weekend! i'll be back tomorrow with pictures of today and a rundown of the baking i have to tackle, and the packing, and the laundry washing: PG HERE I COME!


blah blah blah blah blah

painting the grey on our living room wall!
at this moment stewart's watching the fourth kind and i happily debunked the myth that it's true! why do horror movies seem to be falling into the typical trap (as mocked in Scream), these "true" movies, and then all the remakes of the great 80s films? i can't even really watch them, esp. ones about paranormal activity (ghosts, etc), but i'm kinda intrigued by the industry. and considering what people like about them? what do people like about horror movies?? so weird.

anyway, it's easter! i'm not big on holidays (except for "the holidays") but would guess that i'll get more into them as soon as helvetica gets out of my womb. i'm excited for the forthcoming heidi kenney book on holiday crafts for kids as she's so good at doing fun, hip, and well done kids crafts, parties, and events (her blog has a long running history of filling up my bookmarks). i've also started bookmarking the kid-friendly stuff that comes across on the kitchn, ohdeedoh, apartment therapy, craft zine, and whatever blogs i'm reading. which is fun! i can't wait to have so much fun!

i also painted our living room, first coat, in its grey tone, called duckdown. tomorrow morning i'll do a second coat and then move onto the yellowish grey kitchen space (that one's called apple slice!). i'm kind of allergic to latex paint so it's always an adventure! next friday our wallpaper comes in and i'm SO SO SO SO SO excited!

okay, off to find my knitting and some pants.......


"we work so hard to get it done and you get it done and what's the point in that?"

our bathroom
our bathroom art gallery (this is above the toilet).

class struggle game!!

christmas colour lunch!

yay for the weekend! my parents went to nanaimo to buy appliances for the basement, stewart's at work ALL afternoon, and i get the house to myself! WAHOO! i'll spend most of the day knitting my totem socks and probably my shawl..listening to podcasts. this afternoon was spent picking colours for helvetica's room (it's going to be grey and purple with a YELLOW crib, more yellow than my purse, and yellow curtains, which i still have to make. i may make a yellow pillow case too for the chair in there), thrift shopping where i scored this sweet CLASS STRUGGLE board game and am psyched to bring it to PG to play with the A-team. i also got my hands on a shit tonne of cute onesies at the sally ann's sale, a hello kittie notebook (with the beginnings of a kid's story in it), and then bought some yummy bread and a donut!!

last night we watched the new almodovar flick, broken embraces. it was super disappointing, stewart fell asleep, and i was bored. now that i'm home from running around town i kinda wished i had stopped at the video store and got a movie for this afternoon! i guess i'll just have to find something online <3


FO: Milo Vest + Booty Shorts for Stewart

milo vest for helvetica
yesterday and today i knit this! the Milo vest! My gauges was off (of course i didn't pre-check) and it turned out humongous. which kind of ruins my hope that it would be helvetica's coming home outfit. so, also because it's big and super girlie, if helvetica comes out as a boy then i'll be gifting this on to a friend's baby, well not so new born anymore, but whatevs. here's the ravelry link for my project.

booty shorts for stewart
yesterday morning i also finished stewart's booty shorts. hallelujah! the pattern's free on knitty and came out just in time for me to actually cast this on based on the Elizabeth Zimmerman leggings pattern. So, phew. My gauge was also off on this pattern (i'm a loose knitter maybe?) and i had to recast it on with way fewer stitches and made it to fit stewart like a glove. mainly because i wanted them to be tight fitting rather than loose and baggy in the pattern's pictures. my ravelry project for this one is here.

finishing this vest means that i still only have one work in progress, my hanami shawl, and am dedicated to knit it before i cast anything else on, which is going to be a challenge since i'm watching movies all day (and night) and will probably get distracted and fuck up, but whatever. today so far i've watched good hair, julie & julia, and am 1/2 way through the september issue. tonight stewart and i are going to watch human voice with ingrid bergman. tomorrow i'm going to go thrift shopping, actually paint (i didn't today because my back hurts blarg) some walls/ceilings (colours!!!), and cook something wonderful for a late dinner. what that will be i'm not sure yet. any ideas?