"this is death of [my to do list], moment of silence"

badges and buttons!
me trying to figure out the placement of our birch wallpaper!
at the very least today i got a few things from my list done: i made the bulletin boards, i painted the hallway (two coats), and fixed up my messes from painting the chalkboard wall. after that we ended up going to get a blizzard and since then i've reloaded stewart's computer (again) and basically crashed from the sugar. oh! and i started laying out our birch wall mural. it's not as art-print as i thought, more photo, but i f'in love it! the panels are a little screwy but it comes with the paste and you put up the pieces as squares! it's going to be so fun and will definitely fit with our woodland/colonization-themed living room. there's more pictures over on the flickr. and will be more tomorrow once i get the rest of the wallpaper up in the AM.

while stewart was moving stuff from helvetica's room (which still needs to be drywalled, painted, and set up) he slowly unpacked some things like our slew of badges/buttons, and pens/pencils, a bag with my knitted shrug in it that i thought i lost, and found the lid to my water bottle. we didn't unpack a single box to completion but just coming across my ceramic cupcakes (!!), my kokeshi dolls (!!!), and my skulls pillowcase was enough to remind me that i do have so many awesome things already and i don't need to stress about putting my place together so much. it also reassured me that i haven't lost myself by moving here (not that i think that often) but to see my nearest and dearest books, markers, and doo-dads was enough for me to remember how much awesomeness i have around me! that my collecting isn't for want!! and that i've survived 5 months of it being in a box! now i just need to get it out of those boxes!! off to hunt down some food!

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