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painting the grey on our living room wall!
at this moment stewart's watching the fourth kind and i happily debunked the myth that it's true! why do horror movies seem to be falling into the typical trap (as mocked in Scream), these "true" movies, and then all the remakes of the great 80s films? i can't even really watch them, esp. ones about paranormal activity (ghosts, etc), but i'm kinda intrigued by the industry. and considering what people like about them? what do people like about horror movies?? so weird.

anyway, it's easter! i'm not big on holidays (except for "the holidays") but would guess that i'll get more into them as soon as helvetica gets out of my womb. i'm excited for the forthcoming heidi kenney book on holiday crafts for kids as she's so good at doing fun, hip, and well done kids crafts, parties, and events (her blog has a long running history of filling up my bookmarks). i've also started bookmarking the kid-friendly stuff that comes across on the kitchn, ohdeedoh, apartment therapy, craft zine, and whatever blogs i'm reading. which is fun! i can't wait to have so much fun!

i also painted our living room, first coat, in its grey tone, called duckdown. tomorrow morning i'll do a second coat and then move onto the yellowish grey kitchen space (that one's called apple slice!). i'm kind of allergic to latex paint so it's always an adventure! next friday our wallpaper comes in and i'm SO SO SO SO SO excited!

okay, off to find my knitting and some pants.......

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