FO: Milo Vest + Booty Shorts for Stewart

milo vest for helvetica
yesterday and today i knit this! the Milo vest! My gauges was off (of course i didn't pre-check) and it turned out humongous. which kind of ruins my hope that it would be helvetica's coming home outfit. so, also because it's big and super girlie, if helvetica comes out as a boy then i'll be gifting this on to a friend's baby, well not so new born anymore, but whatevs. here's the ravelry link for my project.

booty shorts for stewart
yesterday morning i also finished stewart's booty shorts. hallelujah! the pattern's free on knitty and came out just in time for me to actually cast this on based on the Elizabeth Zimmerman leggings pattern. So, phew. My gauge was also off on this pattern (i'm a loose knitter maybe?) and i had to recast it on with way fewer stitches and made it to fit stewart like a glove. mainly because i wanted them to be tight fitting rather than loose and baggy in the pattern's pictures. my ravelry project for this one is here.

finishing this vest means that i still only have one work in progress, my hanami shawl, and am dedicated to knit it before i cast anything else on, which is going to be a challenge since i'm watching movies all day (and night) and will probably get distracted and fuck up, but whatever. today so far i've watched good hair, julie & julia, and am 1/2 way through the september issue. tonight stewart and i are going to watch human voice with ingrid bergman. tomorrow i'm going to go thrift shopping, actually paint (i didn't today because my back hurts blarg) some walls/ceilings (colours!!!), and cook something wonderful for a late dinner. what that will be i'm not sure yet. any ideas?

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