Little Bunny Foo Foo

little felt bunny finger puppets
little felt bunny finger puppets
Done the little bunnies!! YAY!!! They're so cute and adorable and fun to play with..and they're not even for me. I can't wait for 1. helvetica to be a real baby and 2. for helvetica to be big enough to play with his/her own set! adorable. i mean, look at their little bums!! the tutorial is from the purl bee (they have so many great projects there!) and i finally got to put something up on craftster. i haven't posted a project up there in years. here's the link.

well, internet, it's been fun! i'm going on a variety of trips out of town over the next two weeks and when i'm not on the road i'll be at home very busy painting walls and putting up wallpaper. so i bid you my farewell for the next two weeks!!


Melissa said...

"1. helvetica to be a real baby "

this is the best thing anyone has ever written. ever. i shall miss your updates, have fun.

Eden Oliver said...

I have to say, I like the look of yours better than the ones on purl bee. Especially the pom poms!

diandra said...

awe, i love the two of you! i will miss you (and the internet)!