FO: giftie shawl + to do!

silk kerchief
over the last few days i have been working steadily getting this shawl made and finished up as it's been on the back burner for a certain someone who'll get it next week! the combination of the bright turquoise with the variegated purple is shockingly bright! but i think it'll make a good addition to some cute cute outfits the giftie wears. yay! my rav project link is here.

today is the first day in a while where stewart and i both have the whole day off, two of them in a row. i know i've been on leave for a few weeks so we've had days "off" together, but today/tomorrow i have ZERO meetings, zero running around to do, and no need to get up early. i'm kind of excited. he lies, snoring, next to me here in the bed and i'm going to wrestle myself up (finally, it's almost lunch time) to make a pot of coffee and a snack! and then to get to my to do list. today is going to be busy!!

1. fix up chalkboard wall (i spilled a little and need to paint over the spill).
2. paint hallway with grey paint, 2 coats
3. put fabric on scrap ceiling tiles with duct tape and hang on bedroom wall for our badges/pins, etc
4. move table and sewing EVERYTHING downstairs.
5. make some of these for a little man
6. make 4 of these for some little girls i know
7. re-pot my indoor plants (it's beyond due!)

i hope you all have a great weekend! i'll be back tomorrow with pictures of today and a rundown of the baking i have to tackle, and the packing, and the laundry washing: PG HERE I COME!

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