"i'm right over here, why can't you see me?"

helvetica's room!
helvetica's room is shaping up!
mid-century glass cabinet i got off craigslist
the handmade mid century cabinet i got for free off craigslist (heavy glass doors not on right now, but they're sliding! love it)
our other mid-century furniture!
our record stand (fits our record player on top) won't be staying here but was happy to get some things unpacked!
our bookshelf
a bookshelf i got off craigslist for $15 a few months back. super sturdy and holds all of our magazines (with room for more!). baskets of yarn and felt are on the top shelf.
vintage metal plates, 3 in each size
these teeny-small metal plates i got at the thrift store today. i <3 them.

today seemed sluggish at first. i had zero energy to do absolutely anything (from doing 1/2 load dishes and showering...so lame) and then i made a to do list for the day and accomplished almost everything on it! the fun part was thrift shopping with stewart, picking up my new douglas coupland book (must finish rule of the bone first!), going to parksville to have fish with my grandparents and picking up my new super sweet (and free!) handmade 1960s wood cabinet (glass front! built in lighting!) which will get hung on the wall and hold my random collections of melamine, french presses, and cookbooks. i can't wait to hang it. later this summer all of the wood furniture we acquire will get taken down and sanded and then we'll paint it raven black and rehang it. some of it, of course, will be bright red, but the majority will be black. now all we REALLY need is a good vintage/modernish couch like this one, or this one, this one, and even this one. you know, a statement piece? and then something to put the tv on with a semi-locking cabinet underneath. starting fresh sucks sometimes, but we'll get there!

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Melissa said...

i love your furniture! craigslist is brilliant!