"we work so hard to get it done and you get it done and what's the point in that?"

our bathroom
our bathroom art gallery (this is above the toilet).

class struggle game!!

christmas colour lunch!

yay for the weekend! my parents went to nanaimo to buy appliances for the basement, stewart's at work ALL afternoon, and i get the house to myself! WAHOO! i'll spend most of the day knitting my totem socks and probably my shawl..listening to podcasts. this afternoon was spent picking colours for helvetica's room (it's going to be grey and purple with a YELLOW crib, more yellow than my purse, and yellow curtains, which i still have to make. i may make a yellow pillow case too for the chair in there), thrift shopping where i scored this sweet CLASS STRUGGLE board game and am psyched to bring it to PG to play with the A-team. i also got my hands on a shit tonne of cute onesies at the sally ann's sale, a hello kittie notebook (with the beginnings of a kid's story in it), and then bought some yummy bread and a donut!!

last night we watched the new almodovar flick, broken embraces. it was super disappointing, stewart fell asleep, and i was bored. now that i'm home from running around town i kinda wished i had stopped at the video store and got a movie for this afternoon! i guess i'll just have to find something online <3

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