"i got the high heels on i go out dancing all by my own"

a and iz go to the park
i'm back home in the land of the misty mountains, blooming plum trees, and a house of chaos. and it's so nice! THANK YOU TO EVERYONE EVERY LITTLE LOVELY who was so wonderful, welcoming, warm, supporting, and generous with me this past week in Prince George (and vancouver!). you all make me miss PG so! and i look forward to cuddling with you in October! one of my favourite things about being in PG was all the good food! i got to have cimo, achillion, dana mandhi, zoe's, hummus brothers (sorry 'bout the broke vase!!!), and sushi factory sendo! YUM. and the thrifting! so good! like these star trek plates (which i didn't bring home).. i found a bunch of wonderful things which will get photographed and posted on flickr and here as i use them in our new space.

i now need to watch last week's glee so i can be prepared for tonight's (and rerun of gg last night? what?) and then set up some furniture in our hallway for our books and other kitchen things! xo

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Eden Oliver said...

Hey Diandra!

Did you know that dolphins are just gay sharks?