ohsweetie is the alter ego of diandra olver. an early-30s post-gen x crafter, feminist, and future farmer currently rooted out of prince george, bc. ohsweetie became a way for diandra to lump all of her indespensible skills together under one moniker. in a post-modern and cyborg influenced sense, diandra is ohsweetie and ohsweetie is diandra. it's the meat and the machine combining at last to live mutually in programming harmony. haraway would be proud.

ohsweetie's favourite foods are made at home.
ohsweetie has a child named helvetica who was surprisingly born without tattoos.
ohsweetie has an emotionally dependent cat.
ohsweetie likes doing swaps. crafty-related swaps. but is really busy so the send-out date on her end is always really late.

if you want to do a swap with ohsweetie or get a hold of her CV email her at ohsweetie [at] gmail [dot] com