emily on my tit 4

this guy in japan once said my tits were amazing, or out of this world, or something like that. looking down with my own eyes they don't look that big, and hey, i can still see my feet! anyway, now i have an emily ali drawing on my tit. and, even though the t-shirt is an american apparel girls xxl, it's a little belly snug. for some reason i'm losing weight, but not belly wise. maybe i need to eat more MUFAs, mmm...avacado..tuna...almonds. but regardless it think i have to alter the shirt a little bit to give it more belly room. because i want to wear it a lot, i mean, emily ali on my tit!

it's raining outside and it's making me more and more excited for victoria. i'm excited to be somewhere bigger and to make more money and to be with my sister and pretty much my entire family. and get away from this fucking pollution. my god. and the dying spruceland. it feels like all the stores are leaving our dear ol' mini mall and the save on sucks (kind of) and there's these little gangsters running around. okay, wait. what is it about kids that try to be something they're not. i know that we've been bitching about girls for years. i can't believe that 10 year old is wearing that skirt, blah blah blah, but really, young boys dressed up as gangsters in blinging clothes and swearing at each other. is like REALLY that hard? i mean, isn't gangster culture something that is relegated to hoods and racialized ghettos in large cities? not for stupid white kids in a northern mini-city in british columbia. strange. i don't get it.

see me procrastinate? i'm going to eat some cheese puffs and tr to get some homework done. well, i'll have to. blah.

you better join

roller meeting


everyone i love i need you now..

i can't believe it's almost 7pm. i'm in the kitchen making butter chicken from a jar (i really need to figure out how to make a dairy free sauce..that's my plan for the summer yum!). and enjoying club soda. the only real reason i wanted to post was to say: "i fucking love club soda". i just finished the first mitt of my pattern that i'm developing. it's pretty good for a first. of course, it's fingerless and thumb top less. but soon, etsy store. elder set. sweet. oxox


from the looks of it, you don't have much of a boys team either...

we just had a holiday. and oh boy, was it awesome. i mean i actually slept in past 8am, even 9am and ate really bad food (and felt sick most of the time) and knitted a lot and didn't do any of that requisite catching up during reading break bull shit. the night before we left to the okanagan my laptop just died. the screen started looking all psychedellic and scary. so i freaked out and my stepdad fronted me the cash to buy a new macbook and it's amazing. my macbook and i are seriously in love.

while in kelowna i got to head over to art of yarn. and bought this beautiful malabrigo worsted merino in pinks/browns that i love. but it was $22!! their ONline sock yarn was cheaper, but their koigu and their noro and their malabrigo selections were gorgeous but expensive. it's hard to commit to a LYS when the online availability is so much lower. i'm happy that here in peeg i've got some great LYS choices and when i want those amazing yarns i can just buy them online, b/c really can't get malabrigo here. but i can get some other really gorgeous stuff. i need to be a millionaire.


not in the name of democracy

last night we went to see big john bates and the voodoo dollz at the generator. and it was so good. those loves are so hot and they're all so together and talented and gush gush gush gush gush. this morning i'm exhuasted. we got home late last night and then my bloodly laptop started looking like this and it sucked and i was miraculously able to recover my thesis from the hard drive from hell (and my big john bates pictures). my stepdad is saving my ass and fronting me the money for a new lap top. phew! tonight we're going on holidays and we have lovely housesitters, but i'm gonna miss my cats. pout.



i've dreamt about this song many times before

today i interviewed trike. they're from vancouver and very fun. last night we went to their show at north vegas and it was fun times. i was super distracted because i essentially handed in my thesis proposal today. i have some grammatical edits to do in the morning and a bibliography to put together. thank god. almost there. my thesis is going to just pour out of me. i can't wait. i'm exhausted but i'm feeling really good. i'm feeling really awesome about myself. this whole not eating wheat and cutting my sugar, meat, dairy, chemical additive intake by 90% has made a big difference. my body was expelling toxins and i was so zitty there for a while, but i'm back to my wonderful skin and t-zone zits. haah. i think i'm getting smaller and when i consume bad foods i automatically feel sick. like right now. i had a tim hortons coffee and bleck. i have a bunch of stuff i need to do tonight and should get on it. oooh! i got into the gender and technology conference in texas and am going to austin for almost a WEEK! woot! i'm so excited.



this is what a procrastinator looks like

i'd so rather be knitting. instead i'm writing a paper about elizabeth cady stanton (who kicks ass anyway), first wave feminism, and victorian era historical writing. a short paper. but a paper none the less. good thing i fucking love both history and feminism. i'll post it here when finished. i just ate salmon on rice with nori and got nihomesick. and i just got sock yarn in the mail today and want to knit it really bad. yes.