Task Updates + New fuzzy things!

we had a craft fair over the last two days and i made something like almost $300. which is pretty insane. and awesome. we ordered pizza and rented a (lame) movie. and now i'm actually going to go do homework.

i am in no mood to do homework.

task updates:

34. get pregnant

not pregnant now and not trying either. i'm actually going BACK on the hormones for the first time in like, six years. sheesh. so maybe this shouldn't be italicized? but well, totally thinking about it and actually picking the time when we'll try. wow!

39. buy something online from lush

i'm striking this one b/c lush is opening here and there would be no need to buy it online now. i did just buy their charity cream. so nice and creamy! yum!

70. be interviewed on cbc radio one.

you better listen monday morning at quarter after 8am, i think. dammit, you should be listening to daybreak north anyway. haha.


what can feminists learn from seminal fluid in the text crash?

rupert getting in my way
i'm not sure. good question. this is me trying to do my homework. i did a tonne of reading and got an outline/pseudo thesis down. i even tried knitting and frogged it. so i just took pictures of me and read the new bust with beth ditto on the cover. hubba hubba. she says, "this is the number-one thing: just because something makes you look thinner, that doesn't mean its a good outfit That is the key in life for fat girls." go beth!
oh, and m. i made us a purikura.


because i was asked to...

today i cut the tip of my finger off when i was chopping kale for the curry. it bled and bled and was/is so painful. but the bleeding stopped after an hour and i'm somewhat mobile, though i should sit this finger out. the curry was incredible and friends brought tarts, cheesecake, spring rolls, and we ended up watching ghost world and i knat and we talked about boys.

i need to buckle down and do homework.


i'll post it in five days when it's done and due!


"and all you see, is where else you could be when you're at home..."

i think i've used this lyric before, as a title. but i really like it. and it's totally where i'm at right now. i'm having more low days than up days, but i'm trucking a head and i should really move away from my knitting needles and move away from this computer (and scrabulous!) and move towards my texts. i'm having one of those days where things solidify for you. the things that solidified for me today are that i want a child. soon. i always said that by the time i was 26 i'd be pregnant. (i know most haven't heard this, but it's been my personal goal). so, in a weird way i've decided to go back on the hormones that encourage your body not to get pregnant (first time in, what, a number of years). getting preggo right now may be what i want in a part of me but finishing my MA gets to be more important, honestly. so, put it off for about 6-7 more months. yes.

today i also realized that the pornography class that i'm in is, well, not for me. sitting through it today was a struggle and i felt that i was put on the spot and then degraded for being "in the spotlight". i do not know what is wrong for reducing a text that plays with a variety of literary structures and histories i have no academic access to, to a piece of pulp. anyway, long story. i really dont want to go back to the classroom. but it's show and tell next week and i want to show the ))<>(( part of me and you and everyone we know. nice.

something else that triggered me is that we as a society, as "women" are so stigmatized for putting our vaginas in the air for a medical test. there is so much anxiety and self-image issues around getting your pap that the issue becomes more about the doctor seeing you naked, having a smelly vag, or looking funny "down there". when in fact shouldn't the anxiety come out of the reality that these "mandatory"/"recommended" tests are to screen for cancer and that maybe we should be more anxious because this little vagina in the air situation could mean that we have CANCER?

i'm on the miranda july newsletter list and last night i got this email (shortened):


for those of you who are american, you now have a holiday. there may be times during this holiday where you feel a) not as happy as you had planned on feeling, b) like ripping someone's head off, or c) fat.

this is because it is a holiday celebrating genocide.

so true. ah. i love it.


we know everything was built to inspire so i guess we've done everything.

today is not the day i start my post with, "I'm exhausted"; though, i almost did. i am a bunch of other things like overwhelmed, all consuming, eating macaroons, controllably (but unhappily) in financial poverty, blah blah blah. right now rupert's sitting on my lap, which he's been doing a lot of since i got home, and slowly kneading his claws into my thigh. it's kind of endearing. vancouver was really good for me at this time. i didn't get any prince george work done and i didn't sleep very much but i was able to connect with a whole slew of friends and not go shopping too much and to also participate well and feel good about my role with the yac. last night kalin and i walked through downtown vancouver in search of hairdye and while it was a physical push (so tired!) and so late at night (11pm!!) i managed to find good dye and have a chat w/ a kid at the shoppers drug mart in the westend about prince george and then chat w/ kalin about a tonne of great things. she's shown me a bunch of great crafting things and i'm going to start to learn how to crochet. but today, didn't go so well. it'll take me a few hours of steady dedication.

i think the tooth brush is beconning me, as is my bed and my homework.


i'm not your second, i'm notchyour third.

tonight i made a curry. it's part of the winter ization of my self and my little home. there's spinach, cauliflower, tofu, yams, onions, and chantrelle mushrooms. it was super spicy. we ate it with yoghurt, rice, corn bread, and indian spicy pickles. and then watched good night and good luck and i continued to knit. i've been knitting a lot this weekend. i just started making knitted wash cloths. yay for xmas!

the boots. my three boots. i love boots. i never had cute boots until last spring or fall or something. now i'm addicted. get me boots! so, yes, task #86. actually buy winter boots and use them is accomplished.

this is my craft area. it's super crammed, but definitely coming along and i enjoy that space.

i have had the opportunity to get closer to some people over the weekend. i've cuddled. i've gotten drunk and smoked cigarettes and shared secrets. and i've knitted! knitting brings the girls together! i'm into my winter music mood and i think my radio show is changing style! just for the winter.

task #11. attend an academic conference out of country and task #80. meet melissa of "girl of the north country"

i'm applying for a graduate gender studies conference in austin texas next april. i'm going to go to nashville too meet the love of my life, melissa.


i'm exhausted. i just can't sleep. it's christmas! well, not really, but soon! starbucks started their xmas roll out and i'm so excited!! yummers! i know it's crazy, but starbucks roll out for me is very xmas time oriented. i'm in a knitting frenzy. i bought some noro yarn for a knitting with some friends and it's beautiful!! i know i'm just recounting my days, but tomorrow we're having our housewarming/winetasting and i'm so excited! i can't believe it's already almost 11pm. that's disgusting. off to knit and watch a movie! yay!


task update: 19 + + +

it's midnight, PST, still summer time. in two hours pretty much the entirety of north america will sleepingly celebrate the addition of one hour to their nightly rest. last night we were up late drinking lovely drinks, listening to jazz, and playing group games. it was nice to have a get together. i feel like i'm recounting my last 24 hours. ha ha.

it's snowing and i'm feeling positively snowed in. i'm getting into the xmas spirit (i love xmas!) and am knitting like mad. but, i thought i could learn to crochet, but NO! it looked like poo. so, i have to figure out the one crochet project i want to do that inspires me to take up this horrible craft i have no pleasure for. i just LOVE knitting. bastards.

so yes, 'tis snowing outside and environment canada says it's gonna snow all night and have a high of 1'C tomorrow. fuckers. i still dont have boots, or a good winter coat. i hope that i can acquire both tomorrow. i spent most of my afternoon walking around in the slush in my maryjanes hoping to find winterboots somewhere, but alas. tomorrow: the bay.

p.s. this picture is ganked from martin. it's not pg. it's jasper still. i'm still there i think.