i knit a hat!

may day knit hat
may day knit hat
Here's the project link from Ravelry!

For whatever reason when I put my hands in the woollens box to pull out a hat to wear on a cold day, well, there was not a single hat in the box. I know for sure I've given two to Holly, but if you troll my ravelry projects page, you'll see I've made a gazillion hats: where are they all? (I have one, but it's ill fitting, though warm.. but at this moment I don't know where it is).. Why do I live my life in such crisis? I'm not good at settling down, being super organized, and knowing where my stuff is. I'm looking forward to having dogs next year to force me to be home, be more oriented to a home-based routine. It's probably my biggest challenge re: my mental health. I'm so trained to be an extrovert and out there pleasing people with a smile on my face, but at home I'm so scattered. I saw a headline from a newspaper article about me and a colleague who I admire and love to death, but the headline was "giving their lives to help others". It's not like it "struck me" but it's a good reminder to recoil inwards a little bit and find work that satisfies me, rather than some idea of helping other people all the time (and sacrificing myself). I'm doing a lot better at not being a bleeding heart, and my vicarious trauma is zilch to none, and I'm trying to take less of the emotional side of my work on, but it's hard, and it's stressing me out, often.

Anyway, back to the hat. I got this beautiful yarn from my step uncle last year and knit it into a hat over the last two days. LOVE IT. I'm so excited to live somewhere with snow in less than 2 weeks.



I am going to be vending at my first craft fair in THREE YEARS!! And I've put a lot of thought and dedication into superb products which I'll highlight here leading up to the fair! Some things MIGHT be available on Etsy (but OBV not shippable in time for the holidays). Save your pennies my pretties. It'll be worth it. XO


hello jealousy

it's monday on the clock and i'm exhausted. i worked the whole weekend pretty much, and got to spend some time today watching derby and having dinner with dear new friends (!!). last week i quit my job and i am leaving this lil' town of port alberni on december 8th-ish. looking forward to moving back to PRINCE GEORGE for a few years and excited for all the good stuff going on there. i will be making my "first appearance" at a craft fair hosted by Laura over at my other blog HOME SWEET HOME... and a launch of the best shirt ever.

yesterday i got to help build a community garden. life is good right now, though i need to carve out a bit more time to get on top of my tasks.


far from the hills and the sea swell...that's where my true love lies

I've been busy making pies, working, and knitting my face off. We have new roommates moving in and are so excited. I'm packing boxes for my upcoming move. Things are sorting themselves out. I wish I had more time to workout and read books, but whatever. Lots of things on the table, irons in the fire. This coming weekend I get to go to Gwa'sala-'Nakwaxda'xw First Nation and help them build a garden! So honoured! To date I've made 16 pies. 40 more to go. Looking forward to the next few months and feeling really proud of myself for identifying what was/is BRINGING ME DOWN physically, emotionally, everything really, and finding ways to combat it. Now to bed to read a bit before sleeping. Must pick out tomorrow's outfit first! XO

ETA: there's like 70 fucking pies all together.