far from the hills and the sea swell...that's where my true love lies

I've been busy making pies, working, and knitting my face off. We have new roommates moving in and are so excited. I'm packing boxes for my upcoming move. Things are sorting themselves out. I wish I had more time to workout and read books, but whatever. Lots of things on the table, irons in the fire. This coming weekend I get to go to Gwa'sala-'Nakwaxda'xw First Nation and help them build a garden! So honoured! To date I've made 16 pies. 40 more to go. Looking forward to the next few months and feeling really proud of myself for identifying what was/is BRINGING ME DOWN physically, emotionally, everything really, and finding ways to combat it. Now to bed to read a bit before sleeping. Must pick out tomorrow's outfit first! XO

ETA: there's like 70 fucking pies all together.

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Anonymous said...

love you. you know, i've never made a pie! drop me a line and tell me about your new housing situation! miss you, hope to see you in december. xoxo AL