please get me away from here i'm dying

guh. i wish i had enough energy to hunt for my digital camera so i could post my pictures of the last week or so. knitting pictures (i made two hats, neither of which i kept). i haven't even taken any pictures of me visiting with my mom. it's kind of sad. since she's been here i've been so busy. in a good way. and life too kept getting busy. big presentation with work on wednesday morning and a presentation of my research at unbc on wednesday afternoon too! and i've been working on my thesis so i feel very overwhelmed and ungrounded and then, of course, the combination of cheese, sugar, and alcohol (go oscar party 2009) has made me so sick, and then to top it off someone was spraying glad and i almost had an asthma-like attack and couldn't think and it was just so bad. dear lord. so i've been slugging through my work all day and i feel like i can get it done. i better..... more light soon! promise! our place has been reorganized a bit so it's NICER!! yay moms!!


taking the craziest mother daughter title from judy and liza

from above
today was great !! i slept in uncontrollably and got to go roller derby (barely, my body doesn't like me), eat camelot, see the necessities of life, and eat cheese toast to get my vitamins down. above is the most current photo of my garter yoke cardigan (from the winter knit.1 mag). i love it. i've had to modify the pattern as i go along. notes to date include casting on the # of sts for the xl but then only increased the raglan to the size of the L. split was 47 for both fronts and 60 for each arm. i then picked up 5 sts in the armpit and have since decreased by two (knit to last three, ssk, k1, pass m, k1, k2tog) sts every 2-3 inches to a maximum of 4 times. i've done the body the same as the pattern so far, but i think i've knit the middle "straight" part about 1/2 inch more than the pattern called for (i haven't had a chance to measure it yet) and i'll probably do increases on the bottom past the required to make it bigger to hold my belly. yay for knitting mods! haha

off to finsih gilmore girls, my ginger tea, and dream of sleep. tomorrow is work, recycling day, and the arrival of my mom.



what about free trade? what about NAFTA?

flash-free valentine
so, i just finished a contract that is still in the works but i've completed the bulk of work from. and submitted an invoice. it feels great! to celebrate i've hauled out my camera in my POORLY lit crafting room (it's night time!!) and taken some pictures of my vintage valentines i bought at the hospital auxiliary thrift store over a year ago. i'm not ready to give them away this year and don't have time to copy them in colour on cardstock and give away the copies. these are keepers for sure!! it's just after 11 but i'm going to knit a few rows of something and head to bed. a big day of training tomorrow for work and then v-day weekend! we don't really do anything for vday weekend ever. it's just not my thing, but we're going to go for dinner and then to the film fest. my knittas'll be there :) xo

for torie

sorry for all the videos lately but i've been contracting from home all week and working on my thesis. guuuh. im so tired!! so that means i haven't taken a picture of anything since the weekend and i barely have an original thought. but i do peruse youtube videos to get my brain inspired again to get some more coding done. guck.

this is my only real guilty pleasure. and i dedicate it to torie.


rather elementary

i downloaded milk last week and have been saving it to watch with stewart but he's working nights all week so well i watched it tonight. and it was amazing. gus van sant is definitely one of my heros. the films he makes are just incredible. searching for clips of milk on youtube led me to this clip from clerks II. haha.

i've been really anxious lately. mostly about work and working. i feel like people i work with don't communicate with me actively but are passive aggressive somewhat. and still being new it's a situation of me continuously learning about previous relationships and how things work and it always seems like something's going to come back and bite me in the ass. i guess i could pull out my stress and relaxation workbook. that might help, actually.

i've also got the winterblahs. been teary a lot, mopey, down, cranky, and blaaaaah. i don't want to do housechores whatsoever and i'd rather just be in bed. i'm probably just exhausted (no shit, sherlock) but hate being so busy. i'm going to make some tea and work on a project/work right now. before i have to run out and pick stewart up.



there's love everywhere and smoke and broken bones

this weekend afforded me a super short trip to vancouver (28 hours i think!) for a meeting (which, was a bit of a waste of time, it was so short!). anyway, it allowed me to hang out at urban yarns (they were having a huge sale), work on my drawings and my cardigan, and go out with the girls for dinner. we went to kam's place in the west end. it was delicious.


guess who's back in town?

love it
today was the beginning of yet another tattoo adventure. this one hopefully shorter (>_<) but just as awesome. there's a closer picture here.

i just shoved back a sandwich and im about to put my legging and sports bra on to go to roller derby. i'm not sure if i'll have the energy for it, but we'll find out when i get there. stewart's playing his loverboy tape getting psyched up to see them tonight at the cn centre. he's even going to the new pizza hut before hand. yay for a pg life! yo.

thesis = good. xo


thesis deadline

my core texts
these are all the books i've surrounded my craft room with because, well, my thesis is due in 8 weeks. so i've made a schedule to keep myself on track (below). i didn't do any drawings today :( but did a lot yesterday and plan to do more tomorrow. i had an exhausted, crying, arguing, frustrated day. so we watched zack and miri make a porno (love) and i feel a lot better. now i'm going to drink more water, swear i'll never bite my nails again, and head to sleep. xo

Thesis Schedule.

Week 1: Drawings in pencil and in ink for ALL chapters

Week 2: Scanning Drawings and putting all of my chapters into the format. begin to include diaries of the process.

Week 3: Creating and adding new images if needed for each chapter (filling the gaps), break up essay format if needed to create a more zine-like approach.

Week 4-6: Reviewing comments and text of each chapter. Make a to do list of what needs to be done to each of them for updates. Complete ALL updates and revisions as necessary.

Week 7: Create resource guide/appendixes

Week 8: complete the inclusion diaries of the process along the chapters.

March 31st Submit.

and now you're gone it's like an echo in my head.

my favourite part is when her and the kid are walking in the park/on the walkway and she puts her arm around his shoulders and he looks cooler than i could ever be in 100 years with the hat and the glasses. play it LOUD>