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flash-free valentine
so, i just finished a contract that is still in the works but i've completed the bulk of work from. and submitted an invoice. it feels great! to celebrate i've hauled out my camera in my POORLY lit crafting room (it's night time!!) and taken some pictures of my vintage valentines i bought at the hospital auxiliary thrift store over a year ago. i'm not ready to give them away this year and don't have time to copy them in colour on cardstock and give away the copies. these are keepers for sure!! it's just after 11 but i'm going to knit a few rows of something and head to bed. a big day of training tomorrow for work and then v-day weekend! we don't really do anything for vday weekend ever. it's just not my thing, but we're going to go for dinner and then to the film fest. my knittas'll be there :) xo

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