please get me away from here i'm dying

guh. i wish i had enough energy to hunt for my digital camera so i could post my pictures of the last week or so. knitting pictures (i made two hats, neither of which i kept). i haven't even taken any pictures of me visiting with my mom. it's kind of sad. since she's been here i've been so busy. in a good way. and life too kept getting busy. big presentation with work on wednesday morning and a presentation of my research at unbc on wednesday afternoon too! and i've been working on my thesis so i feel very overwhelmed and ungrounded and then, of course, the combination of cheese, sugar, and alcohol (go oscar party 2009) has made me so sick, and then to top it off someone was spraying glad and i almost had an asthma-like attack and couldn't think and it was just so bad. dear lord. so i've been slugging through my work all day and i feel like i can get it done. i better..... more light soon! promise! our place has been reorganized a bit so it's NICER!! yay moms!!

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laura s. said...

i love a happy ending