thesis deadline

my core texts
these are all the books i've surrounded my craft room with because, well, my thesis is due in 8 weeks. so i've made a schedule to keep myself on track (below). i didn't do any drawings today :( but did a lot yesterday and plan to do more tomorrow. i had an exhausted, crying, arguing, frustrated day. so we watched zack and miri make a porno (love) and i feel a lot better. now i'm going to drink more water, swear i'll never bite my nails again, and head to sleep. xo

Thesis Schedule.

Week 1: Drawings in pencil and in ink for ALL chapters

Week 2: Scanning Drawings and putting all of my chapters into the format. begin to include diaries of the process.

Week 3: Creating and adding new images if needed for each chapter (filling the gaps), break up essay format if needed to create a more zine-like approach.

Week 4-6: Reviewing comments and text of each chapter. Make a to do list of what needs to be done to each of them for updates. Complete ALL updates and revisions as necessary.

Week 7: Create resource guide/appendixes

Week 8: complete the inclusion diaries of the process along the chapters.

March 31st Submit.


Melissa said...

I know you can do it. I'm already proud of you.

Rosa Sheppard said...

It was good that you set up some schedule on what to do with your thesis project. It would certainly help a lot when you think that deadlines are getting near, especially if working with abstract of thesis that can be really hard. Anyway, what happened to your thesis? I do hope everything went well.