spin out!

cupcake monster
this is the cupcake that cruely and i tried to eat today. we almost got through it. and we had to share it with rocky's mans. and then we had a revwear meeting which was great. REV WEAR is happening in prince george on MARCH 4th!! it is a socially conscious fashion show that will fucking tear prince george apart. they're still looking for models, rappers, designers, performers, and volunteers!! email revwear (at) gmail.com

We're still packing and i have a lot of sorting to do. I've been fighting off the swine flu pretty bad and am so energy less. i mean, i was craving a real dinner and instead we're having smokies and chips, which is delicious...but i should be eating rice because i do prefer it! guh. oh well. so we're watching spinout with elvis and i'm dreading the sorting. at least i can sleep in a bit tomorrow morning: yay!


whoa! where has the time gone?

well, it's gone to packing, lots of sleeping (change just wears me out), playing DS (i handed in my thesis), job hunting in port alberni, work work work, and hanging out with friends (who i won't see so much very soon). sadly, i've also misplaced my camera cord for uploading photos to my computer. lame. our house is a disaster as we get ready to move. yippee! we've already booked the uhaul, our appointment to get a trailer hitch, and our ferry ride! we even have all the money to pay for everything. yay! it's nice dealing with transition, but i'm just so pooped. i don't know how many times i can say that: i'm pooped.

still thinking about what now to put down the left side of this ol' blog, as well, thinking about new tegan and sara (two more weeks) and my thesis defence and present making for xmas! yippeee!!! xo



today at work was really stressful but for some reason stewart's pulling out the old dance mix tapes from the early 90s saved me.. that and an extensive glee watching session with burritos (yum) and cat cuddles. yay! p.s. can you believe these videos came out in the same year?