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rag rug!

mid-day post! i slept in forever today. until almost noon. which was wonderful. i was awoken a few times by kitties wanting to cuddle and officially ended my sleep with a view of a beautiful blue sky out our bedroom window (which has now been replaced by wind and some clouds. but it looks sunny-ish out to tofino).

i was hoping first thing this morning to make the apple danish bars from the rebar cookbook, but could not find my food processor anywhere. must wait for mom to get home with the knowledge of where she moved it. oi. but that meant i could dedicate my time to something more important and that i've put off for more than 8 weeks: replanting my indoor plants and planting some seeds! there's 2 trays of little containers holding basil and one tray holding containers with heirloom tomatoes! i so should've planted these months ago, but now is better than never. the house plants we have, aside from the jade and the aloe, are amalgamations of plants from our wedding's center pieces! we ended up keeping 3 of them, but one died, and then was reborn somehow through dirt i used to help the other plant along. it's such a gorgeous pink now and the only plant that thrived during the terrible terrible winter i gave them. it's trying to just outlive all of us, i think.

in other news i've been knitting a bathroom rug for our bathroom! the pattern is from cocoknits and i've altered it a bit, more details when it's done! xo

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