"i'm losing patience, so i'll call again"

knit bath rug!

bulletin board

today has been pretty awesome! i finished the bath mat! i love how it turned out and can't wait for the bathroom to be finished (new vanity!) and painted so that i can throw this on the floor in there without being worried!! i also covered a leftover ceiling tile with some yellow hawaiian fabric we got as a wedding gift and erected it in the hallway. now our calendars can finally have space, as well as the ultrasound of helvetica, and my yard stick. weird combo.

i spent the afternoon watching amelie, finishing this bath mat, and eating apple danish that i made last night. it was from the rebar cookbook and i'm not sure i'm a fan of the recipe. usually all the recipes are hits. but this was definitely a miss. i have the tray freezing in the freezer and will wrap in plastic wrap and freeze individually to be eaten later, probably at the delivery (yay snacks). last night stewart and i also finished watching the yellow rolls-royce. and it was incredible! i love how the three stories all revolved around the rolls, and that all the women were absolutely slutty! one night stands with no strings! and it was pre-world war II! of course their sleeping around got them in trouble and was the main focus of each story (cheating, finding love, etc), and often they ended the story in the arms of SOME man, but whatever. shirley maclean was a HOTTIE and ingrid bergman had such presence! i definitely want shirley's hair as my summer hair. must. get. hair. cut.

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Melissa said...

i love that hair!