(almost) summer days!

rupert cuddles the dishcloths i made

spaghetti and turkey meatballs

today was great! i finished up the ballband dish cloths i was working on. and then folded them up so rupert could obviously use them as a pillow.

today i pulled out the weekly menu i had made for meals, as i'm finding i'm so exhausted i can't keep on top of anything. today i had planned on smashing together two recipes from everyday foods turkey meatballs and fresh tomato sauce. i didn't change the turkey meatballs at all, but changed the sauce (no tomato paste, didn't need it, seemed to be a waste, and i think i used less tomatoes, one from a local farm, not sure how many). SO DELICIOUS!! and we ate all of it. all. of. it.

now off to spend the evening watching californication season 1 and catching up on last night's glee! too dah loo!

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