"gonna make it all the same"

birch wall mural! finally up!

little garter socks for LSD

i'm sad that this weekend is already over! while i haven't "worked" in the last 8 weeks or so, i definitely still feel the weekends as what they are: 2 days off in a row! and this weekend stewart had the same 2 days! after he worked 8 days in a row (!!) it was nice to have him home and working out his "i just worked 8 days in a row" crankiness. we spent part of saturday at the port alberni annual book sale (funds to the rollin arts centre) and got our hands on some sweet vintage sci fi paper backs, pioneer-style cook books, and an autographed copy of coupland's polaroids from the dead. in total we probably got like $20 books and spent between us around $12. so, definitely a good fundraiser! after that we hung around the house, unpacked more things, watched a lot of californication, and i knit.

my midwife has put me on "bed rest", meaning she caught me in a lie saying i was "relaxed". my blood pressure says i'm not relaxed, that i'm not relaxing, that i need to slow down. so i've worked REALLY hard this weekend to not do so much, running maniacally around the house getting ready for helvetica, etc. despite not doing "much" we accomplished a lot and feel way more moved in. i mean, the birch wall is up! and our oversized (bleck) TV and all of our "machines" (old skool nintendos, etc) are plugged in. all we need are a few rug-like things, and for my parents to wrap up their reno (still a bunch of things for them to do!).

last week a new friend of mine had her baby almost 2 weeks overdue! luckily i got to go visit her the day after she came back to the farm from the hospital, but couldn't muster up the courage to cuddle her baby. i find holding babies weird. i'm not worried about seeing holding my baby as weird (it's necessity at that point), but feel so awkward and gawky holding someone else's little bundle. but he was ridiculously adorable. and so big (9lbs!). and looked like a baby, not an infant chimpanzee or anything like that. these socks i knit up for her little berry and i love them! must knit helvetica a pair!! (but must finish this mother fucking heirloom sweater first. i tell you, i forgot how much i cursed that sweater when i made it for iz. and how i swore i'd never knit another one.)

off to work on this dish cloth. haha


Megan said...

I guess you don't have to worry about an overdue bigger babe, now, eh?!

nittineedles said...

Congratulations to you and your hubby.